Tuesday, November 29, 2016

Thanksgiving & Halloween Magic

Man. This year is FLYING by.. its ridiculous. First off.. Halloween was awesome. I am not sure you could have any more fun than a 3 year old does at Halloween. Everything is an exciting, magical, awesome moment. From getting people to just hand you free Candy.. to walking around dressed as an Octopus and people hi-fiving you for it.. So yeah, its pretty much the best. They would squeal and cheer anytime someone gave them ONE piece of Candy.. yelling "LOOK WHAT I GOT MAMA!!".. I mean.. they LOVED it. Cross had made friends (again, because she remembered him from last year) with our Neighbors Bloody Clown Halloween Decoration.. Look at her joyful face with him..

Each day she would run over and talk to him and the other scary things hanging at their house. She and Londyn both loved him. They loved all of them really..They got to trick or treat in our Neighborhood for a bit, and then we went to visit Friends in Quail Creek, and they loved that too. I asked Londyn like 40 times to be something other than an Octopus, but that is what she chose.. she LOVED him.. They have both always loved Creepy stuff, especially Cross, and nothing has changed there.. So Halloween was her favorite thing.. I mean Every piece and part of it.. EXCEPT.. the part where it ended.. and my neighbors took down the bloody clown..

This was the Sadness, and crying episode after Cross realized my neighbors had taken her friend, "Bloody Clown" Down for the next year and put him into the garage. She is still upset about this if you ask her.. so don't..

We took them to several Pumpkin Patches, and also to Storybook Forest again this year. It was super cute and creative and they loved it all. They are really into Princess stuff right now, so they loved Storybook Forest, because Snow white was there, Rapunzel, the Lady in the Shoe, Mike Wazowski from Monsters INC.. I mean it was a fun time.. So they loved the whole Holiday season this year and it was so much fun watching them love something I've loved all my life too! I mean.. hey, I'm kinda creepy.. Don't judge. Londyn Lucille carried around a Skeleton for a week.. We loved the Crossings Fall Carnival, that was a blast.. I mean honestly, we just did a bunch of awesome Halloween things!

Then we moved onto the Thanksgiving Time, and its been flying by too. We had a great Holiday. We went out to the farm where the girls have been busy doing their 'chores'.. We have a Sweet Bull out there that loves it when they come to Gigi's house, because they get on their "4-wheeler" and go back and fourth to the barn getting food and feeding the bull each day. They have finally figured out how to drive it (Cille does not drive, she only likes to ride) and they ride it all over the farm, following Pa into the cow lots to help. 

We took LOTS of Family Pics.. with both Jordan's side, and Mine.. and they all turned out super cute too.. Here's a few of them.. Tammy Hall Photography took them for us. She's awesome. 

We had a Great Thanksgiving! We went to Hobart, and also to Canute. All the Cousins got to play together! The Girls are still warming up to the idea of their baby Cousins (Jett & Harper).. but as long as I don't hold them, they are fine. If I hold them the world quickly comes crashing down with sobbing, sadness, and drear. Its a lot of fun watching all of them run wild and play. They are all at a fun stage right now. We are very blessed to have Good families around us.

The girls Love going to MDO at Crossings.. they talk non stop about their teachers and their new friends. That has really been a blessing for us.. OH! OH!!  HOW COULD I HAVE FORGOTTEN TO TELL YOU THIS!!.. Cross is.. wait for it.. POTTY TRAINED!!  It finally happened about 3 weeks ago.. I had taken off a Friday to have a long weekend and she just told me every time she wanted to go.. No more Poop. Praise the Lord.. but don't get too excited.. Londyn could still care less.. so I'm 50/50.. Hey, I'll take what I can get at this point!!!

So as we approach The Christmas Season, we are very grateful. We love our Church so much, and our Family, and our Small group family. I'm so excited for Christmas this year with the girls. We brought back the Elf, Eliza.. This year she hides when the girls go to sleep and they wake up to find her.. but she tells them about Jesus when they find her. Just a sweet, quick, little verse, but its something they look forward to each morning. They also love Their Nativity scene with the baby Jesus, and Their Donkey, Kris, and Pony, Woody, have somehow made it into the story..Each Night we Read "The Birth of Jesuse" and  For those of you who didn't know.. Kris is actually the Donkey that carried Mary to Bethlehem, and Kris actually found the stable for them to lay in.. and Kris also laid by them, along with Woody, and the Bull from the farm, to keep them warm.. So just in case you missed that chapter in the bible about Kris & Woody, there you go.. lol..
Hope you guys had an Awesome Thanksgiving and Halloween! Christmas is just around the Corner! And maybe.. so is Londyn being potty trained! But don't get your hopes up! XXOO..