Monday, January 7, 2019

Branson Fun

Well hell. I'm behind on this blog, but I needed to tell you about our Branson trip from November, so forgive my tardiness.. But here we go.. . So with that said, I'm going to give you some Things you need to do if you are taking a trip to Branson with Kids.. Keep in mind my girls are 5 years old..

1) Dolly's Stampede-- This is so much fun for the whole family. Its a little bit pricey, but for the price you get dinner and a show! They have Trick Riders, stunt riders, fun entertainment, and of course.. DELIGHTFUL food.. that you eat with your hands! So its a 4 course meal made of magic.. we started off with a yummy bread and soup, then Corn and Potatoes, Pork loin and chicken, and of course dessert.. Its way more than you can eat, but you will spend some good time trying, because the food is good! The girls loved the interaction that goes on with the announcer and Crowd, and they loved all the horse tricks.. They even got to meet Skeeter After the show! Cross was sad they didn't sell Dolly Parton Dolls, lol.. they loved the show. They also have a lot of times to choose from which makes it easy if you need an early bedtime.

2) Raiding the Country Vault--This is for all my Country Music fans.. of all ages.. This is one of those shows that I had not heard about and a friend texted me while I was there so we decided to go.. Man I'm so glad we did! This one was one of our favorites things we did while there! You are basically taken on a blast from the past of some of the legendary country music songs of all time.. and they are performed by stellar artists like Billy Yates, Eric Heatherly, Michelle Poe, and more! Here's the summary:
"Raiding the Country Vault brings the history of country music to life, featuring classics by the biggest acts, including, Johnny Cash, Buck Owens, Conway Twitty, Merle Haggard, George Jones, Loretta Lynn, Dolly Parton, Glen Campbell, Waylon Jennings, Garth Brooks, George Strait, Brad Paisley, and many more. Raiding the Country Vault tells the story of country music from the 1960’s to the 2000’s and is performed by an all-star cast, many of whom have had their own chart-topping hits, have written major hits, or who have toured with the biggest names in the business."

It was so good! The Girls loved it because they sang Dolly and Willie songs, and my mom and I loved it because it was ALL GREAT SONGS! So make sure if they are performing, you get to go!

3) Silver Dollar City--Christmas Version--This is so much better to do when its not fully crowded. Last year we went really late (like left to get there by dark, so like 4pm) and we ran into an hour of traffic, no parking places left, and a MILLION people.. This year we went on a Thursday morning and it was perfect! It was rainy, so we all bundled up and the girls literally got to ride every ride as many times as they wanted! We did all the rides they could do, and they loved the rollercoasters best! It was chilly, but really nice because there were no lines, and we just rode and rode! It was also still cloudy enough to see all the pretty lights. If you stay past dark you will get to see the Christmas lights parade which is awesome, but if not, its still fun to go and ride the rides and see the lights! 

4) SAMSON at the Sight and Sound Theater-- Oh man. The girls are STILL talking about this one, and its led to them being OBSESSED with Samson! If you haven't been to the sight and sound theater for a show you are in for a surprise.. Its literally a million watts of lights, a massive stage with live animals, and a wrap around stage that puts you RIGHT in the middle of all the action. It was over a 2 hour show and the girls were GLUED to it the whole time. Londyn had to have a Samson suit after we watched this, and she still loves telling everyone about the show and how much she loved it! All of the characters come to life, the stage comes to life, and everyone loved it.. they do different shows throughout the year, so don't miss this one.. 

5) The Lodges at Timber-Ridge-- This is the place we have stayed the past two years.. because they have Lodges.. so this way we can all stay together. We stay in a 3 bedroom lodge with 2 fireplaces, an amazing balcony, kitchen, dining, washer dryer, and more.. We LOVE this resort.. Now don't confuse this with just the WELK Resort.. they are right by each other, but we love the Lodge way more.. You also get access to the game room (That has a Playstation, ping pong, pool etc) and an indoor pool with a slide and water spray area. The girls loved this, and its a nice thing to have when you have some downtime before you go to evening or afternoon activities. SUPER fun! They also have a Christmas Elf that will come in and Read your girls a Christmas story, give them cookies and milk and tuck them in a bedtime. Super cute! 

Other fun things to do:.. We loved the Butterfly Garden, going downtown to all the Branson Landing Shops.. We went to Mels Hardluck Diner where all the servers sing, and thats always a good time.  We love the Drive Thru Zoo, & eating at Landry's.. We Also went down the Branson Coaster and the girls LOVED it. The Go-karts were closed, but everyone has told me those are super fun too. We had a Great trip! So if you are thinking Branson sounds "Old" or you won't have things to do with your kids, you will.. there is PLENTY to do. We went on a Tuesday Through Saturday and that was enough time to do all the fun things we wanted to do. We had a blast and my girls are the happiest when they are with us and grandparents, so its a win win for a trip like that if you are planning one in the future! 
Ok.. now that I'm caught up on Branson, I'll write a new blog about 2018 as a whole.. I've realized that as I'm getting older.. things don't work like they used to.. blargh.. More to come!