Saturday, December 28, 2013

Wow. What a Christmas!!

Well MJ, the Girls, and I had an amazing Christmas! We got the BEST. PRESENTS. EVER.

WE started off the holidays at My Mom's house in Canute.. We got down there before the Ice storm came in.. It looked to be worse up in OKC as opposed to Western OK because we didn't get as much while out there.. never lost power, so that was good.. We went down and visited my dad for a little bit too, but we won't have Christmas with him until January 4 because that's when my brother and sister could meet us..

So Santa came to visit the girls and brought them some very cute clothes from Gigi & PaPa, a Minnie Mouse Car, and a bunch of other awesome goodies. Uncle Randy got them Hug Me Elmo Dolls..They were a big fan of those. They love to hug soft stuff.. So they had a great time. MJ and I got money, clothes, I got a Microphone so I can start my Podcasts in the new year.. He got a New OSU jacket..and then Mom got us a chair for the nursery.. Why? Because the nursery chair we originally got is now in the living room, and I don't think MJ is going to give it up.. so we got a glider to go in the Nursery. We had a great time.. Plus mom made Chicken fried steak, fried potatoes, and biscuits and gravy for Christmas dinner.. SO much better than turkey!! Loved it..

ON Christmas Eve we went to Jordan's mom's house. The girls got all kinds of goodies there too.. They got a sweet dog that talks, a walker activity center, two doll babies, and a bunch of other fisher price goodies that they enjoyed. Mj got an awesome dress coat for his fancy new job, and a lot of clothes..and I got a Coach bag and some new charms for the bracelet MJ got me.. (Super cute with little Tzu's on it, and baby shoes for the girls)

After lunch we all headed over to the Christmas Eve Church as Crossings. It is always SO good and this year did not disappoint.. At the end everyone lights candles and its just so magical to be in a room with 2000 other people who Love the Lord and are celebrating him on that special day. The girls did AMAZING at church.. Enjoyed the whole service and were perfectly behaved. Everyone kept telling us how pretty they are.. They like that of course. They also loved the music. Cross bucked and danced, and LL sang along.. She loves to sing. Of course they were dolled up in Christmas dresses.. duh.
 On Christmas Morning MJ and I put out some toys for the girls including a fabulous new car.. They loved this thing. They can sit inside it, pull up on it, and it plays 75 different songs.. as you can see, they were a big fan of their car. We also got them these big stuffed animals that are speakers. You plug your phone into them and then they have a pocket in the back for the phone to rest.. Then the animals play music. LL got a Dog, and Cross got a Hippo. They loved those.. They also got some Maracas. Those have been pretty fun too, but can easily be used as a weapon, so we have to be careful..

For Christmas lunch we went to Jordan's dads house..It was full of fun people and Yummy food.. I got to mix my mashed potatoes with Corn and gravy, which is one of my fav's.. The girls got some cute books there, and a TV/DVD Player! What! I know.. But there are times when MJ and I are NOT going to want to watch Elmo and Sesame street.. or baby Einstein, so we thought it would be a good Idea for them to have their own.. MJ got an XBOX One, which he was super excited about.. because he didn't think he could have one.. So I loved watching his face open it.. I got a Bose Sound Speaker which is freakin awesome and sounds so good. The girls love listening to "Catfish dinna" on it.. lol.. We have been wanting a way to play music in the house, so this was perfect..

ON Friday Mom came up, because I had been missing her pretty bad since I didn't see her on Christmas.. We had a fun time running around.. We took the girls to get their ears pierced.. they didn't love it, I'm not gonna lie.. But Cross was more mad that I was holding down her arm than because they were piercing her ears.. LL cried, but then we showed her a blingy bracelet, and she was over it pretty fast. She LOVES bling..I got them little diamond Studs.

We took the dog babes to the Groomers (Soi's dog grooming) and then got some Dog food (At A1Pet Emporium) and had some delish Cane's Chicken for lunch.. it was a great day. The girls love to shop because people stop them every 3 minutes and tell them how pretty they are.. Well what girl wouldn't like THAT!

Then ON Friday Night our new babysitter ( a fill in for Lapoppins when she needs off and on weekends) Emily came over and baby sat while MJ and I went to see Anchorman 2.. ITs funny. Funny as the first? Prob not, but its sure worth seeing.. And there's a Minotaur in it.. so there's that.

IN other random news.. I've been using essential oils on the girls. Have you heard of this? They had some congestion and we put an oil called "RC" on them.. It cleared it up.. We have been putting an oil called "Thieves" in their diffuser to keep sickness away from them.. Supposedly they used this during the plague days to keep it from getting on you..Is this true? I don't know, but it seems to be working for us. 7 months old and the girls haven't been sick. Praise God for that. I've seen and heard about so many sick babies these days, especially during this season, so I'm so thankful mine have been doing so great. If you are curious about it.. you can check it out here: Young Living Essential Oils Oh, and if you do want to order some, you can say I referred you. I'm not really sure how it works, but you can use 1588623 as the code. I think that works.. We have been massaging the babies with "gentle Baby" and they love that.. and then we got "Exodus" for teething. I like it because its natural, and the oils can be ingested. Its not like going down to the store and buying some random oil..these oils are legit. I drank some Thieves the other day. IT was pretty harsh. I didn't say I recommend drinking them, I said you COULD drink them.. But I did quit coughing after I drank it, so there's that.. I think Whiskey goes down easier though. I may try that next time..

I FINALLY got my freakin hair done today.. I thought Nicole was going to stab me.. I had not had it done since July. JULY. Are you kidding? Yes, I was pretty "Natural" looking.. and not in a good way.. But today I got it done and its fabulous as usual. Thank you Nicole at Changes Hair Salon. I promise not to wait that long again. I'll take a pic tomorrow..

We really just had a great Christmas. So thankful for so many great people in and around our lives.. We are blessed beyond belief. Girls are Healthy, and truly happy babies. People are constantly asking me if they are THAT happy all the time, and the answer is yes. They will sit in the floor for an hour and play by themselves! Its pretty awesome. I'm so proud of them. MJ has had a wonderful spiritual journey this year and that has been amazing to watch as well.. He looked at me yesterday and said "Babe, I'm truly the happiest I've ever been in my life" and there is nothing sweeter to a wife's ears than hearing that.. WE are drinking from our Saucer.. Because our cups have overflowed. Merry Christmas and Happy New Year Everyone!!

Friday, December 20, 2013

Merry Christmas babies

Well I cannot believe that its already Christmas.. That is insane to me. I also cannot believe that the babies are almost 7 months old! Although I love them so much more at this point.. Go ahead and judge me, but I'm not a baby person.. I love the stage they are at now because they are so much fun. They laugh, babble, smile, and do funny stuff. Cross has already realized that she can make people laugh, and she likes to do that. LL has already realized that she likes people to talk sweet to her, and if you do it, she will smile really big. Although LL has started putting on concerts.. which would normally be awesome.. Except she likes to start singing as loud as she can at 4:00 AM.. Yeah.. Save those for the day baby.. 
So we are headed to Canute this weekend to have Christmas with my Canute family. Jordan and I have 4 sets of parents to see over the holidays so to be 'fair' (which is apparently PC to do in Marriages ;) ) His family gets one year, then mine will get the next. This is the first time in my life I will not be with my mom on Christmas day.. I know, I know, call me a baby, but as an Only child to my mom, I miss my mama on Christmas!! So anyway, we are hoping to get down there.. the Weather looks like crap right now, but hopefully we will make it. We will have Christmas with my dad on January 3, because that's the only time we could get my brother, sister, and dad's family can get together.. So LOTS of Christmas Cheer this year!
So I know it will be no surprise for you all to know that my babes ended up on TV.. They were the featured Pic on Channel 9 this morning.. Maybe they will win the contest!

So Everything else is good.. Sleep training is amazing. Cross is now sleeping through the night and its FAN tastic.. We'll see how it goes when she is sleeping in other places. Mom got them two cribs for her house, so hopefully its going to be good. I'll update with all the ridiculous stuff they got over the holidays and how they are spoiled little biscuits at a later date.. gotta get on the road folks! XXOO..Happy Holidays!

Oh yes, and remind me to tell you about spilling meatsauce on Crosslee's legs in the car seat at a Christmas party..thats for next time.. good times.. good times..

Friday, December 6, 2013

I'm Thankful for "Love"

Well I'm happy to say that I started my new job this week. I took a position at Loves Corporate Office as a Special Projects Manager. I started on Monday and I love it. I'm going to be Super busy all the time, but thats what I like, and I love the people and company.. so I'm excited.

WEll.. I've been at it with the birds. AGAIN. Why, why, why do they stalk me? I dont know. Its so weird.. yet it keeps happening so frequently. So this time, I'm hanging out with Lapoppins and the girls and we are getting ready to load up to go get the girls 6 month old shots.. So I walk outside to put the diaper bag in the car, and RIGHT OUTSIDE THE DOOR is a freakin bird. Of course is starts flopping around and acting crazy.. Now keep in mind, Jordan had went out the garage that morning and saw NOTHING. Why? Because the birds aren't after Jordan, they are after me. So after the flopping, I of course freaked out and ran in cussing to Lapoppins.. I'm sure I looked crazy, because she said "Its ok, I'll go check it out".. Thankfully my nanny not only takes care of my girls, she protects me from beastly birds.. So she goes to the garage and what does she find? NOTHING.

So then I start thinking I'm starting to lose it.. Remember it was just a few months ago when I thought a man coming in a door was a bird and went into full defense mode like a psycho, which ended up frightening the man, and making me appear more crazy than I actually am.. So I go back to the garage.. I also find nothing. At this point I'm thinking that the bird is plotting. Its probably hiding under the car and its going to jump out and bite my Achilles tendon and injure me, and then take my life.. But I don't see the bird.. then.. out of the corner of my eye, I see something Blue.. I walk around out of the garage and spot him. HE IS WALKING TO THE FRONT DOOR LIKE I'M GOING TO LET HIM IN THE HOUSE. What is WRONG with this picture!!

Before you see his wing, and try to tell me he's injured, you should know that I'm pretty sure that was fake. Because he flew away, and was gone when we came home. So my guess is that was his ploy to let me in the house.. I didn't..

Then I walk into the guest bathroom a few weeks later to find one of the small windows broken out.. Why? Because a bird was trying to get to me again. Sigh. This seems to be never ending.  I must have some sort of weird bird energy. It's odd.

So the snow came in.. It made the roads pretty terrible, and its very cold, but we are safe & snug in the house.. No worries on that front.

We had a Great Thanksgiving.. The girls had their shots 2 days before and did great. Cross was more mad that they tried to hold her down to look in her ears than she was about the needle in her leg. LL always takes a day to recover from the shots. She's tender and they hurt her feelings.. On Wednesday we headed West for Thanksgiving fun. Being that the girls are 6 months now, that means they got to try real food. Mom had cooked a turkey and pressure cooked the legs.. so she gave them Turkey legs. We like to start them off hillbilly..

Of course they liked them better than anything else.. The other funny thing they loved was TURNIPS. I know, its weird. Their Uncle Randy brought some to cook and they ended up loving them. They loved Noodles, and Londyn loved Cucumbers.. She got really sad if you took away her cucumber. Cross loved Green beans.. Remember I'm not pureeing anything..I'm just giving them real food, and they LOVE it. Its awesome to watch how quickly they pick stuff up and learn in such short amounts of time. Their minds are like sponges! We had a great Thanksgiving and got to visit Gigi & Pawpaw, and Pops and Grammy J, and the girls got to hang out with Cousin Joe and Aunt Lexi.. Cousin Joe is hilarious.. We got to see Cousin Ava too, but not very long. .because the girls were in meltdown mode.. and we had to go home.

We took a few more Christmas Pics so that LL could show off.. If you recall, last time she was kinda schmowy about the whole Christmas Pic situation.. Well this time she was full of Christmas cheer! She enjoyed her Reindeer ears and diaper decor.. They are both sitting up now, and Crosslee is very close to crawling.

In other news of Awesomeness, My twin friends (These other group of awesome twin moms that I met online, Elizabeth, Jackie, Meagan, and Stephanie) sat and listened to me day after day crying about Crosslee not sleeping at night.. They told me I needed to read the "The Sleepeasy Solution" Let me tell you a little story called freakin amazing. Because thats what that book is.. It wasn't really telling me anything I didn't know, but it did tell me the steps I needed to get there.. Night 1, after following the book, I put Cross down, no crying, no protest.. and she slept. All night. What? I know. I know.. Its magic.

Now keep in mind, she was used to taking 4 bottles in the night, so I'm gradually weaning her off those.. but I give her bottles while she is still alseep..not if she wakes up wanting them.. So far she's barely woken up..and if she does, she whines a little bit, and then goes right back to sleep.. ITs been so great. We put her to bed when she starts getting fussy and rubbing her eyes. Lately this has been around 6:30.. then we give her her Owl that she loves, and she hugs him and goes to sleep. MAGICAL.

Now we will have to work on Miss Londyn.. She's a good sleeper, but she sleeps in her Rock and Play and not in her crib, so we are going to start to work on that little ditty tonight.. I'll report back.

I've gotten most of my Christmas shopping down.. Gotten the girls a few toys, and my favorite gift for them is a giant Hippo & a Giant Dog that are Speakers. You plug your Iphone, or your Ipad into them and they can use them to watch movies or listen to music. They are called ipetpals. And I love them.. Perfect gift for them!

Everything else is good. Looking forward to all the new Opportunities at my new job, and an awesome Holiday Season!!

Tuesday, November 19, 2013

Angels Among Us..

Well as you can see, we took some Christmas Pics! The girls were pretty cooperative for the most part.. However, Londyn got irritated pretty quickly and checked out.. Unlike Crosslee who put on quite a show for the camera. I've told LL that if she doesn't start smiling in pics she's going to think we only have pics of Cross in the baby book! We did get some pretty cute ones of LL though.. Going to have Cute Christmas cards this year!!
MJ and I had the coolest thing ever happen to us the other day. We went to eat at the SHACK, and it was a cold, windy night.. we get the girls out of the car, trudge inside with all hair all blown and weird, and find a seat.. We must have looked pretty haphazardly, because soon after we sat down the waitress came over to greet us.. She told us she had also had twin boys, and talked about how cute the girls were.. Then she said "You all must have some angels watching you", and gave us a gift card. We had no idea who gave us the card, but it said "
We were like "What!! this is awesome!".. So we asked the waitress if she knew them.. she said "Yes" but she couldn't tell us more than that.. So we ordered this great meal and had a great time with the girls.. The bill comes and its $62.44.. I say "Go ahead and put the gift card out, and then your debit card to cover the rest"... Jordan says, "I forgot my wallet, just get your purse".. I say, "I don't have my purse.".. DUMB DUMB DUMB.. We have left our house with NO MONEY.. Jordan is going to have to drive BACK to our house.. leave me at the restaurant with two babies, and wait for him to get there.. So she takes the gift card and runs it.. Its worth $75!!!!! HOW FREAKIN COOL IS THIS!! So we had showed up.. No money.. Nada.. and some angels just took over for us.. That was an awesome God moment for us.. I tell you, just when you think there is no good left in the world, someone comes along and restores your faith. We hope to someday Pay it forward to another couple that we see with twins, and keep the tradition going.. So that was just another example of how God is working in our lives.. so cool. 

I took Cross to a baby shower on Sunday.. we had a pretty good time. She acted very nice. LL stayed with daddy because she was asleep when I left.. MJ truly stepped up to the plate last night.. I went to Women's bible study and he kept BOTH babies while I was gone! I came home after an awesome night of learning about Advent Christmas Traditions, and saw two babies, sound asleep! How awesome is my man! 

Well in other news.. Its looking pretty hopeful that I'm going back to work soon.. I'm not going to give any other details till its a done deal, but I'm super excited about it.. Details to come on that.. 

I also can't believe its almost Thanksgiving and my babies are almost SIX MONTHS OLD! They are becoming so much fun now. We are going to start introducing solids when they are 6 months, but I'm not going to do baby food. I'm going to do Baby Led Weaning.. Basically, baby eats what you eat.. You steam veggies, give them chicken, etc.. When I read about it, it just made more sense to me.. Babies don't really need 'food' other than milk until they are a year old.. they are basically just teaching themselves how to chew/eat up to that point.. so we are going to try that as opposed to baby food.. 

My Uncle Don passed away last week. He was my dad's brother. I took the girls to the funeral and was so proud to see some family I had not seen in awhile.. Everyone also enjoyed seeing the girls.. They acted very good..UNTIL.. I had some blackberry Cobbler at the table with Cross in my lap.. All of the sudden I look down and SHE has the blackberry cobbler on HER, lol.. She was squishing the bowl with her hands and smashing the cobbler.. Cross is CRAZY strong.. and had already demolished it by the time I saw it..She had a little taste of it, and went back for more, lol.. Other than that, they acted pretty nice. Lapoppins is taking them to play at the library today.. She takes them places all the time..I'm so proud of her for doing it. I know the girls like getting out and seeing new people and things. They are very social babies and love people to talk to them..

We are getting excited for Christmas.. I've ordered the girls a few things, and got the goodies for Ava and Joe (niece and nephew).. I think it will be a huge pain to travel this year.. but worth it! Hope you guys are good.. and keep your chins up.. You never know when an angel is waiting for you just around the corner.. which I think is awesome.

Miss Pays and her babies.. 

Wednesday, November 6, 2013

The Last one Picked..

I had a pretty good weekend.. We (the family and I) went to the farm to see Gigi and Papa, and Grammy J & Pops.. However, I was also helping watch the cattle.. Well I get there and Steve had to pull a calf the night before.. It was HUGE.. way too big and had trouble..Its head and tongue were swollen and he thought it would probably die.. but it didn't.. (yay!) but it couldn't eat from its mom, which meant I had to run a tube down its throat to feed it (boo).. This was nerve wracking to me because 1) if you get it in the lungs, the calf dies.. or 2) if you choke the calf it dies.. Well Mom and I manage to get it done..Correctly! Success! Only to have the calf die 6 hours later anyway.. (sigh).. LIfe on the farm.. But we did have a great time taking the girls to visit the grandparents..

Last week MJ & I took the girls to Northpark Mall to Trick or Treat. They had fun. They didn't really trick or treat, but they loved watching all the other kids walk around in their costumes. We had a good time, and thats a great idea to do if you have kiddos trick or treating next year. Then we went over to Laura & Terry's house to visit with them.. Laura made Whoopie Pies, which were Whoopietastic!

So I'm going to be honest with you... Looking for a job sucks. There are several layers of suckiness to this process, so I thought I'd go over a few of them for you in hopes that you will never be in this situation.. BUT if you are, you'll know what to expect.
1) You constantly feel like you are the last person picked on the playground.. No one likes that.. especially Me, because I was never that guy.. Well when you get let go from your job, and others get to stay, its impossible not to feel like you weren't "Picked".. which is sucky.

2) You have to FIND jobs.. Finding jobs is a new level of suckiness.. because even if you find a magical one, there is still no guarantee that they are going to PICK you, so you are back at square one. So you have to look for jobs all over 345443 different sites and sift through.. blargh. No likey.

3) You have to update or create your resume'.. Now this one is really a pain. Especially if you have had several jobs in different industries. Imagine mine "Former radio personality now working in IT that has also taught in College".. Yeah.. it doesn't make much sense.. BUT thats really my life! So I have to try and build a resume out of that even though it looks and sounds ridiculous. Most people are already thinking "How in the hell did a radio personality end up in IT anyway?".. Yes, I get it.. and yes, its hard to describe on paper.

4) Once you get your resume finished.. You realize that it is pretty lame compared to the coolness that you actually are in REAL life as opposed to on paper.. For example, Am I going to write "Dabbles in Accordion playing and able to Whistle masterfully the "Winds of Change" song?" Or "Shoulder Checked Bobby Mercer to get a great Picture with Garth brooks?" Probably not.. Is that kinda awesome? Um yes it is.

5) If you happen to get a hit on your resume, and you do get called in for an interview.. THEN you get to try to convince people that you are awesome and should give you the job.. You may be saying, like I am right now, "How do they not know of my awesomeness?" I don't know.. this will always be a mystery to us both.. but thats how it works in real world land, and yes, its sucky.

6) You will apply to some jobs that you are WAY over qualified for, only for people to say to you "You aren't really qualified for this job".. Um how does that work? I once applied for a Communications job to have the people say to me "You don't really have enough communication experience".. Oh! Ok, that makes sense! I thought being on the Radio for 13 years, TEACHING radio, and Communicating with the world EVERY DAY would suffice as being a good communicator!! Sorry, bout that! I'm just silly!".. So get ready for that..

7) Lets pretend you do get the resume, you do great in the interview, and you get the job.. HOORAY! Guess what? All your insurance, and vacation days start over. WHAT! But I had just earned 4 weeks 2 day at my LAST job! And I may have to go to the doctor in the next 90 days, what do I do? Oh.. I can't? And Nothing? Great.. That sounds awesome!! lol.. So yea.. go ahead and slap me in the face.. Hopefully by that point you are uber excited to have the new job and you won't care about vacations or having to go to the Dr.

So.. those are just a few things I'm pondering today.. As I'm reading them, I realize that's really negative and schmowy, so now we are going to focus on a couple of cool things about not having a job, and since its November, we are also going to be thankful. Here's some positive, thankfulness things.

1) I have really cute kids.. Not only that.. they are GOOD babies. People keep asking me if they are like that all the time.. The answer is yes.. Because I think when the Lord gives you more than one, he makes them extra sweet because if not, he knows you might want to put them outside..

2) While not only cute, and good.. My girls are healthy. We haven't been to the Dr for anything since they were born but shots. How great is that! I'm super happy they are healthy, but the cute thing is a "double" bonus.. (see what I did there? double.. twins.. Zing!)

3) I get to spend more time with my girls! We still have Lapoppins, (the nanny) but she has been sick lately, so I've been spending more time with them every day and enjoying watching them do new things. They are both rolling over, and sitting up.. Crosslee tries to feed herself, and Londyn tries to crawl. They are cute and sassy.

4) I have the Best husband.. Like ever. He is not one of those that has just thrown the girls onto me while he goes to watch TV or play video games.. He helps me in every aspect of parenting. He's sweet, generous, patient, and caring.. and Yeah, we probably screw some things up sometimes, but I'm so glad to be on this journey with him and no one else. Plus he supports me in whatever I want to do, even if its ridiculous and a pipe dream.. He's still my biggest fan. Plus I really just love love him. I waited my whole life for him, and marriage is so much easier when you marry the person that God built JUST for you.

5) I have an amazing family, and the girls have amazing people who love them. Some People will say divorce is awful, and yes, I agree, at the time it usually is.. But my girls have 4 sets of grandparents that love to be around them, kiss them, hug them, and spoil them.. So I think thats pretty great. They will never know what its like to only have ONE set of grandparents at Christmas, and thats awesome. The other cool thing? My brother Grant, and Sister Lexi, all had kids within 8 months of each other! So now our kiddos are going to get to grow up close to the same age and hopefully form a tight bond. We got to stop by and see my Sister and Cousin Joe on Sunday.. The girls had fun with him (see left) he's a cutie!

6) I have great friends. I don't see them that much, but when I do, we jump right back in where we left off. I've also been sad to have left some of my friends at my former job, but I've kept in touch, and I know that I've made some friends for life there too. I know that my friends love the girls, and would always help out if I needed them.

7) I have an amazing church, and an amazing church family. When Jordan and I think back on our journey through church we get so excited. We had wanted to know Terry & Laura on a personal level for years because we had looked up to them and just thought they would be excellent people to get to know and be around. Now we are privileged to call them friends and they are also in our girls lives which is such a blessing. We love hearing about their family, and I know they will be a strong support system for us as we raise our girls. We also have an amazing small group family that prays for us, and encourages us.. We love going there knowing that there are people going through the same things we are, and that we can all be there for each other. Plus, my church, Crossings, Is just amazing. If you've ever visited there, you know what I'm talking about.. If not, come on by, you are always welcome.

8) I serve an amazing God. I am one that truly believes "Through Trials comes Grace" and sometimes you just have to go through the crummy stuff to get to the good stuff. I know that this is a trial in my life, but I know its not without reason..and that everything I'm doing today will be preparing me for something awesome later on. God & I have never agreed on 'timing' but I've always realized that his timing, and his plans are way better than anything I could have come up with on my own.. so sometimes you just have to be patient and trust his plan. Patience has never been my virtue.. I have many others, but that's not one of them.

So.. while I continue to look for a job, I'm going to be thinking of other things I might want to do with my life.. I enjoy writing this blog, and found out that it can now be published on Amazon and then people can read it on their kindle or Ipad, or tablet.. so that's pretty sweet. I'm working on getting that done now. I'm also working on the Podcast.. Hopefully Lapoppins will be feeling better soon and I can get that done.. While squealing children would appeal to some on the podcast.. Might not appeal to others! lol.. So I'll have to do it when they are resting or doing something fun with Lapopps. I'll keep you posted on that..

I"m going to watch the CMA awards tonight.. They will be good.. As bad as I hate to admit this, Crosslee loves dancing to the "Catfish Dinna" song by Luke Bryan.. blargh.. lol.. but it is catchy.. Hope you guys are good!!

Monday, October 28, 2013

Blah Blah Blah..

So recently I was over at a friends house for a playdate and Thomas the Train was on.. Has anyone else thought these were creepy cartoons? What happened to the good ol days of Looney Tunes and Foghorn Leghorn? Thomas the Train and his creepy friends are bizarre..Yet the kids seem to love it.I mean what it says to me is "High, I'm a talking train, and I'm about to run over you, thanks for your consideration"... I also put on one of those Baby Einstein videos for the girls the other day.. Also bizarre. It consisted of giant costumed characters dancing around and singing songs.. This was quite boring and ridiculous to me, but Cross & LL seemed to enjoy it.. so go figure. Don't you wonder what babies are thinking when we are all gooing and gawing over them.. Cross with her 'judgement' look is pretty easy to read.. LL is easily entertained by my idiotic faces.. They are growing growing, now 5 MONTHS OLD!

So I have a job coach now.. Its pretty cool.. I also have a resume coach which is also cool, but also makes you think "Wow, I'm an idiot that can't put together a resume'" so there's that.. I think both of them will help me in my job search.. What do I want to do? Who knows.. I mean yes, its always going to be radio, but you know as well as I do, that radio jobs are few and far between, and they don't pay much money.. Why pay money when you can be paid with George Straight and Keith Urban tickets?? Am I right!! Am I right!! lol.. Well yes, but now with families and those dreaded... RESPONSIBILITIES (sigh) I probably have to get a real job.. We'll see what God has planned.

This past weekend MJ and I went to CafĂ© 501.. Was the food good? Yes.. But what about the Dessert? HOLY MOLY.. I think we spent more on that! We had a caramel salted bar, pecan bars, MJ had pecan pie (I'm not a fan of this, I know, I know, go ahead and judge me) Carrot cake, and bread pudding.. We brought some of this back to mom, who was babysitting the girls at the time, but darn it! She left it there.. OH NO~! I couldn't let it go to waste now could I? No.. so I ate it.. MM MM delish!

I also got out the girls Christening gowns.. To Christen them? NO, we aren't catholic.. So why have the gowns? Who knows.. Maybe my mom liked them? Yeah, that sounds about right.. but look how cute they were.. We also took them to visit Dr. Cox at my dental appointment the other day.. The office gals had been asking me to see them, and I had to oblige.. they had a great time, and Man, do I love those folks!!!

We also took the girls to Pumpkinville at the Botanical Gardens.. It was really cute. They had a bunch of stuff for kids to do.. but my whole purpose was to pose my girls in as many places as I could in cow costumes.. duh. So here are some of those pics.. They had a "Mother Nature" walking around with treetrunk legs.. she wasn't that pleasant to talk too.. but if you have lived here in Oklahoma long you already know that Mother Nature can be a *Witch* if you know what I mean.. Tornadoes..hail.. roof ruining winds, etc..

I think for Halloween we are going to meet up with a few of our friends and go to Northpark mall to let the girls trick or treat.. (which means I walk them around in Cow costumes while people go ooshy booshy at them).. But we are also going to stop by Laura & Terry's house, and let them ooshy booshy them too.. at this age, Ooshy booshy is where its at..

Crosslee is already insanely independent.. She's my mini me.. she tries to feed herself, stand up, hold her bottle, and do everything on her own..I've told her she's still a baby.. she doesn't listen. Londyn is my squishy squish.. she likes being a baby, and I like to squeeze her.. They had a playdate with their friend Jude (he's 3 days older than them) and my good friend Jen's baby.. they had a good time, and Cross didn't smash him, so he might get to come over again!

Today my friend Ellen stopped by to visit the girls. Her husband, Dick Johnson was my all time favorite co-host.. He passed away a few years ago, but I always love seeing Ellen, and the girls did too.

I'm going to start back on my flower delivery volunteering that I do at the church.. I like doing that. I usually take Miss Payslee Shih-Tzu along so she can help brighten days. We are also back at therapy visits and she is happy to be there..The Flower delivery is through my church, Crossings, and we take flowers to those who need a special little pick me up because they are sick, had sick family, feel sad, etc.. They are always happy to see us, and its a good feeling to make someone else feel better.. I especially need that now, because some days, I feel down in the dumps about the job situation.. but I have to remember, that my problems are not nearly as bad as others, and I'm truly, truly blessed each day I wake up!

“If we all threw our problems in a pile and saw everyone else's, we'd grab ours back.”
Regina Brett

Friday, October 18, 2013

Is it just me.. or......

Is it just me,  or do I keep losing my job every 3 years?? No, its obviously not just me, because there were 640 others that went with me, but man.. Its such a blow to not only your paycheck, but to your ego.. You can't help but get your feelings hurt when someone says "You are no longer needed, bye".. So I'm feeling that lately.. Plus, I'm like the most loyal employee known to man, so I take it especially hard when it happens.. BUT.. When one door closes, another door opens, and I have to remember that God's plans are always better executed, and cooler than mine.. so I have to just be patient and see what he has in store for me..

I talked to a contracting company today and they think with my rare background and skillset they will be able to place me in a good gig pretty easily, so lets keep our fingers crossed on that one.

I do appreciate everyone who has reached out to me, and if you know of a job you think I would be good at, email me at Basically I get things done, and track down stuff for people.. I do crummy things that people don't want to mess with, and I'm good in IT.. so if you know of anything like that, hit me up..

On a better note, we took the girls to Gigi & Papa's last weekend to visit.. They had a good time and we got some super cute pics of them in a wagon with their pumpkin suits on.. We tried putting them in their cow costumes on the hay, but found out that hay is stabby and rude, and babies don't like to be stabbed by hay.. so there you go. The pics turned out so cute.. They are jolly little cows, and pumpkins.

They have also been much better in the church nursery. They go in there and have a pretty good time.. they are slobbering fools, so they might start teething soon. Crosslee is also over sleeping.. she's never slept through the night, but she used to only get up 2 times/night..and now its like 6-7 which is literally AGING my face.. I mean seriously.. I'm pretty good with little sleep.. but no sleep is pretty sucktastic..

I talked to her pediatrician and she made a few suggestions, but the biggest one was that its probably a habit (she wants a bottle 4 times in the night) and I was going to have to work on "Ferberizing" her.. yeah yeah.. You talk to her about that.. blargh.. We just talked to the Pedi again though, and she said its behavioral, and to try to get her to NOT use the bottle as a soothing mechanism.. Well, we shall start this as night 2.. So far its Cross-1, ME-0..
I'm still working on getting the Podcast up and going.. the whole losing my job thing threw me off, but I'm still going to make it happen. I plan on starting out doing a 30 minute podcast, and then if it goes well, maybe we'll do an hour/week.. we'll see..

So My mom found a ridiculous app that lets you put mouth/voices on pictures.. Here's some examples of what she did with these cute pics..(see below)

So.. America Horror story is back.. are you watching it? Its creepy.. Love it.. MJ and I went and watched "Carrie" today.. it was good, but not as good as the original.. My awesome friend Chantry is in "The Full Monty" at Sooner Theatre in Norman, we are going to watch him next weekend.. I've always loved watching him in his element!

We are headed to Norman tomorrow to watch the OSU game with Jordan's dad.. When we go there I always love to visit the little "Too Cute Bowtique" shop.. good grief, that could be the death of me.. That place has the CUTEST girl stuff ever! Tutu's, bling necklaces, and glitter shirts with bows! What more could you really ask for!! I got the girls OSU bling there last cute. Maybe they will wear it tomorrow for the game.. could be adorable!! Thanks to everyone for the well wishes on the job hunt, and for keeping me in your prayers. I'm blessed beyond belief with a great support system, great friends, great family, and an awesome church.. I know that something is just around the corner for me..until then, I'll enjoy spending time with these nuggets!
Too much? Of course.. But hilariously weird and funny.. I think so!!

Friday, October 4, 2013

Tell me something good..

So.. I'm happy to have found another radio show to listen too.. When Kidd Kraddick died, I tried to give that show a go, but man, its pretty terrible without him, so I had to find something else.. Enter the Bobby Bones Show on 101.9 The Twister.. ITs out of Nashville, so not Local, but its pretty good.. Each day he has this feature called "Tell me something good" in which they share good news.. I like it.. I'm also pretty pumped about the new "Hank FM" radio station.. ITs classic country, and its actually GOOD Classic country! I heard me a little Tanya Tucker, and they play the Oak Ridge Boys, so I'm in!!

 We had a great time at the farm last weekend.. Crosslee loves outside and Londyn loves the hot tub, so its a win-win! The weather has been so nice. I think I'm going to get out the girls Halloween outfits this weekend and see how that works.. They are going as little holstein cows. Sawyer has a matching costume with them. I'm thinking this could be a huge cuteness opportunity, so we'll see if they cooperate.

 We are taking the girls to see MJ's dad & step mom this weekend. They offered to watch the girls for a few hours while we go to the movie, or shop around.. Not sure what we will do with this magical free time, but I'm thinking we will find something!! I want to see the movie "Rush".. with Chris Helmsworth.. the guy who played Thor.. MJ is not excited about this, which I find shocking, because its about cars that drive fast, which is something he is usually into big time. We may just go get Jordan some more work clothes.. For those who don't know, at the end of August MJ left his job at the FAA and went to work for Aubrey's new company, American Energy Partners. He LOVES It.. and being that the Goverment is on hold right now, its a huge blessing! I knew he would love it.. and he is doing awesome over there, but he has had to kick the dress code up a notch, so we need to get him some more dress clothes.

 The girls had their shots on Tuesday. They are both doing awesome. Cross is almost 15 pounds now! They are 4 months old now, and L weighs 13.7. Remember in the womb, L was always bigger, so Cross is making up for lost time. They are both pretty fun right now. They laugh out loud..especially when my mom tickles them. Cross is very ticklish and she laughs all the time. Thankfully she is through with her rage issues for the most part. They took the shots pretty good.. Our Peditrician said it was time for Miss Cross to start eating cereal because she is not getting full at night.. So as a result I get up with her 3-5 times in the night and she wants a bottle.. So we may try that this weekend too.. I got them some high chairs yesterday and Cross likes it.. She likes to sit in there and play.

They are becoming more playful now. Lapoppins takes them outside in their exersaucer and bouncer to play and they love watching things outside. This fallish weather has been so nice. Tonight we are supposed to go to a Church Social.. and we'll see if the girls will cooperate. Its so hard for us to do things in the evening because they have a pretty good evening schedule.. If we get off that, we usually pay the price!

 Pretty excited about Fall TV.. American Horror story starts this week.. The Coven.. Should be creepy and good.. Also been watching that new show "The Black List".. its very good.. and then Grey's finally came back on! I'll be honest, most of these are watched on DVR when we get a spare minute, but I do still love me some TV.

I've decided I'm going to start doing a Podcast.. Not sure exactly how its going to play out, but I'll update with details when it gets a little closer to happening. There's just too much stupid stuff that happens to me for me not to share it with you guys! More to come...