Friday, December 6, 2013

I'm Thankful for "Love"

Well I'm happy to say that I started my new job this week. I took a position at Loves Corporate Office as a Special Projects Manager. I started on Monday and I love it. I'm going to be Super busy all the time, but thats what I like, and I love the people and company.. so I'm excited.

WEll.. I've been at it with the birds. AGAIN. Why, why, why do they stalk me? I dont know. Its so weird.. yet it keeps happening so frequently. So this time, I'm hanging out with Lapoppins and the girls and we are getting ready to load up to go get the girls 6 month old shots.. So I walk outside to put the diaper bag in the car, and RIGHT OUTSIDE THE DOOR is a freakin bird. Of course is starts flopping around and acting crazy.. Now keep in mind, Jordan had went out the garage that morning and saw NOTHING. Why? Because the birds aren't after Jordan, they are after me. So after the flopping, I of course freaked out and ran in cussing to Lapoppins.. I'm sure I looked crazy, because she said "Its ok, I'll go check it out".. Thankfully my nanny not only takes care of my girls, she protects me from beastly birds.. So she goes to the garage and what does she find? NOTHING.

So then I start thinking I'm starting to lose it.. Remember it was just a few months ago when I thought a man coming in a door was a bird and went into full defense mode like a psycho, which ended up frightening the man, and making me appear more crazy than I actually am.. So I go back to the garage.. I also find nothing. At this point I'm thinking that the bird is plotting. Its probably hiding under the car and its going to jump out and bite my Achilles tendon and injure me, and then take my life.. But I don't see the bird.. then.. out of the corner of my eye, I see something Blue.. I walk around out of the garage and spot him. HE IS WALKING TO THE FRONT DOOR LIKE I'M GOING TO LET HIM IN THE HOUSE. What is WRONG with this picture!!

Before you see his wing, and try to tell me he's injured, you should know that I'm pretty sure that was fake. Because he flew away, and was gone when we came home. So my guess is that was his ploy to let me in the house.. I didn't..

Then I walk into the guest bathroom a few weeks later to find one of the small windows broken out.. Why? Because a bird was trying to get to me again. Sigh. This seems to be never ending.  I must have some sort of weird bird energy. It's odd.

So the snow came in.. It made the roads pretty terrible, and its very cold, but we are safe & snug in the house.. No worries on that front.

We had a Great Thanksgiving.. The girls had their shots 2 days before and did great. Cross was more mad that they tried to hold her down to look in her ears than she was about the needle in her leg. LL always takes a day to recover from the shots. She's tender and they hurt her feelings.. On Wednesday we headed West for Thanksgiving fun. Being that the girls are 6 months now, that means they got to try real food. Mom had cooked a turkey and pressure cooked the legs.. so she gave them Turkey legs. We like to start them off hillbilly..

Of course they liked them better than anything else.. The other funny thing they loved was TURNIPS. I know, its weird. Their Uncle Randy brought some to cook and they ended up loving them. They loved Noodles, and Londyn loved Cucumbers.. She got really sad if you took away her cucumber. Cross loved Green beans.. Remember I'm not pureeing anything..I'm just giving them real food, and they LOVE it. Its awesome to watch how quickly they pick stuff up and learn in such short amounts of time. Their minds are like sponges! We had a great Thanksgiving and got to visit Gigi & Pawpaw, and Pops and Grammy J, and the girls got to hang out with Cousin Joe and Aunt Lexi.. Cousin Joe is hilarious.. We got to see Cousin Ava too, but not very long. .because the girls were in meltdown mode.. and we had to go home.

We took a few more Christmas Pics so that LL could show off.. If you recall, last time she was kinda schmowy about the whole Christmas Pic situation.. Well this time she was full of Christmas cheer! She enjoyed her Reindeer ears and diaper decor.. They are both sitting up now, and Crosslee is very close to crawling.

In other news of Awesomeness, My twin friends (These other group of awesome twin moms that I met online, Elizabeth, Jackie, Meagan, and Stephanie) sat and listened to me day after day crying about Crosslee not sleeping at night.. They told me I needed to read the "The Sleepeasy Solution" Let me tell you a little story called freakin amazing. Because thats what that book is.. It wasn't really telling me anything I didn't know, but it did tell me the steps I needed to get there.. Night 1, after following the book, I put Cross down, no crying, no protest.. and she slept. All night. What? I know. I know.. Its magic.

Now keep in mind, she was used to taking 4 bottles in the night, so I'm gradually weaning her off those.. but I give her bottles while she is still alseep..not if she wakes up wanting them.. So far she's barely woken up..and if she does, she whines a little bit, and then goes right back to sleep.. ITs been so great. We put her to bed when she starts getting fussy and rubbing her eyes. Lately this has been around 6:30.. then we give her her Owl that she loves, and she hugs him and goes to sleep. MAGICAL.

Now we will have to work on Miss Londyn.. She's a good sleeper, but she sleeps in her Rock and Play and not in her crib, so we are going to start to work on that little ditty tonight.. I'll report back.

I've gotten most of my Christmas shopping down.. Gotten the girls a few toys, and my favorite gift for them is a giant Hippo & a Giant Dog that are Speakers. You plug your Iphone, or your Ipad into them and they can use them to watch movies or listen to music. They are called ipetpals. And I love them.. Perfect gift for them!

Everything else is good. Looking forward to all the new Opportunities at my new job, and an awesome Holiday Season!!

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