Friday, December 20, 2013

Merry Christmas babies

Well I cannot believe that its already Christmas.. That is insane to me. I also cannot believe that the babies are almost 7 months old! Although I love them so much more at this point.. Go ahead and judge me, but I'm not a baby person.. I love the stage they are at now because they are so much fun. They laugh, babble, smile, and do funny stuff. Cross has already realized that she can make people laugh, and she likes to do that. LL has already realized that she likes people to talk sweet to her, and if you do it, she will smile really big. Although LL has started putting on concerts.. which would normally be awesome.. Except she likes to start singing as loud as she can at 4:00 AM.. Yeah.. Save those for the day baby.. 
So we are headed to Canute this weekend to have Christmas with my Canute family. Jordan and I have 4 sets of parents to see over the holidays so to be 'fair' (which is apparently PC to do in Marriages ;) ) His family gets one year, then mine will get the next. This is the first time in my life I will not be with my mom on Christmas day.. I know, I know, call me a baby, but as an Only child to my mom, I miss my mama on Christmas!! So anyway, we are hoping to get down there.. the Weather looks like crap right now, but hopefully we will make it. We will have Christmas with my dad on January 3, because that's the only time we could get my brother, sister, and dad's family can get together.. So LOTS of Christmas Cheer this year!
So I know it will be no surprise for you all to know that my babes ended up on TV.. They were the featured Pic on Channel 9 this morning.. Maybe they will win the contest!

So Everything else is good.. Sleep training is amazing. Cross is now sleeping through the night and its FAN tastic.. We'll see how it goes when she is sleeping in other places. Mom got them two cribs for her house, so hopefully its going to be good. I'll update with all the ridiculous stuff they got over the holidays and how they are spoiled little biscuits at a later date.. gotta get on the road folks! XXOO..Happy Holidays!

Oh yes, and remind me to tell you about spilling meatsauce on Crosslee's legs in the car seat at a Christmas party..thats for next time.. good times.. good times..

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