Saturday, December 28, 2013

Wow. What a Christmas!!

Well MJ, the Girls, and I had an amazing Christmas! We got the BEST. PRESENTS. EVER.

WE started off the holidays at My Mom's house in Canute.. We got down there before the Ice storm came in.. It looked to be worse up in OKC as opposed to Western OK because we didn't get as much while out there.. never lost power, so that was good.. We went down and visited my dad for a little bit too, but we won't have Christmas with him until January 4 because that's when my brother and sister could meet us..

So Santa came to visit the girls and brought them some very cute clothes from Gigi & PaPa, a Minnie Mouse Car, and a bunch of other awesome goodies. Uncle Randy got them Hug Me Elmo Dolls..They were a big fan of those. They love to hug soft stuff.. So they had a great time. MJ and I got money, clothes, I got a Microphone so I can start my Podcasts in the new year.. He got a New OSU jacket..and then Mom got us a chair for the nursery.. Why? Because the nursery chair we originally got is now in the living room, and I don't think MJ is going to give it up.. so we got a glider to go in the Nursery. We had a great time.. Plus mom made Chicken fried steak, fried potatoes, and biscuits and gravy for Christmas dinner.. SO much better than turkey!! Loved it..

ON Christmas Eve we went to Jordan's mom's house. The girls got all kinds of goodies there too.. They got a sweet dog that talks, a walker activity center, two doll babies, and a bunch of other fisher price goodies that they enjoyed. Mj got an awesome dress coat for his fancy new job, and a lot of clothes..and I got a Coach bag and some new charms for the bracelet MJ got me.. (Super cute with little Tzu's on it, and baby shoes for the girls)

After lunch we all headed over to the Christmas Eve Church as Crossings. It is always SO good and this year did not disappoint.. At the end everyone lights candles and its just so magical to be in a room with 2000 other people who Love the Lord and are celebrating him on that special day. The girls did AMAZING at church.. Enjoyed the whole service and were perfectly behaved. Everyone kept telling us how pretty they are.. They like that of course. They also loved the music. Cross bucked and danced, and LL sang along.. She loves to sing. Of course they were dolled up in Christmas dresses.. duh.
 On Christmas Morning MJ and I put out some toys for the girls including a fabulous new car.. They loved this thing. They can sit inside it, pull up on it, and it plays 75 different songs.. as you can see, they were a big fan of their car. We also got them these big stuffed animals that are speakers. You plug your phone into them and then they have a pocket in the back for the phone to rest.. Then the animals play music. LL got a Dog, and Cross got a Hippo. They loved those.. They also got some Maracas. Those have been pretty fun too, but can easily be used as a weapon, so we have to be careful..

For Christmas lunch we went to Jordan's dads house..It was full of fun people and Yummy food.. I got to mix my mashed potatoes with Corn and gravy, which is one of my fav's.. The girls got some cute books there, and a TV/DVD Player! What! I know.. But there are times when MJ and I are NOT going to want to watch Elmo and Sesame street.. or baby Einstein, so we thought it would be a good Idea for them to have their own.. MJ got an XBOX One, which he was super excited about.. because he didn't think he could have one.. So I loved watching his face open it.. I got a Bose Sound Speaker which is freakin awesome and sounds so good. The girls love listening to "Catfish dinna" on it.. lol.. We have been wanting a way to play music in the house, so this was perfect..

ON Friday Mom came up, because I had been missing her pretty bad since I didn't see her on Christmas.. We had a fun time running around.. We took the girls to get their ears pierced.. they didn't love it, I'm not gonna lie.. But Cross was more mad that I was holding down her arm than because they were piercing her ears.. LL cried, but then we showed her a blingy bracelet, and she was over it pretty fast. She LOVES bling..I got them little diamond Studs.

We took the dog babes to the Groomers (Soi's dog grooming) and then got some Dog food (At A1Pet Emporium) and had some delish Cane's Chicken for lunch.. it was a great day. The girls love to shop because people stop them every 3 minutes and tell them how pretty they are.. Well what girl wouldn't like THAT!

Then ON Friday Night our new babysitter ( a fill in for Lapoppins when she needs off and on weekends) Emily came over and baby sat while MJ and I went to see Anchorman 2.. ITs funny. Funny as the first? Prob not, but its sure worth seeing.. And there's a Minotaur in it.. so there's that.

IN other random news.. I've been using essential oils on the girls. Have you heard of this? They had some congestion and we put an oil called "RC" on them.. It cleared it up.. We have been putting an oil called "Thieves" in their diffuser to keep sickness away from them.. Supposedly they used this during the plague days to keep it from getting on you..Is this true? I don't know, but it seems to be working for us. 7 months old and the girls haven't been sick. Praise God for that. I've seen and heard about so many sick babies these days, especially during this season, so I'm so thankful mine have been doing so great. If you are curious about it.. you can check it out here: Young Living Essential Oils Oh, and if you do want to order some, you can say I referred you. I'm not really sure how it works, but you can use 1588623 as the code. I think that works.. We have been massaging the babies with "gentle Baby" and they love that.. and then we got "Exodus" for teething. I like it because its natural, and the oils can be ingested. Its not like going down to the store and buying some random oil..these oils are legit. I drank some Thieves the other day. IT was pretty harsh. I didn't say I recommend drinking them, I said you COULD drink them.. But I did quit coughing after I drank it, so there's that.. I think Whiskey goes down easier though. I may try that next time..

I FINALLY got my freakin hair done today.. I thought Nicole was going to stab me.. I had not had it done since July. JULY. Are you kidding? Yes, I was pretty "Natural" looking.. and not in a good way.. But today I got it done and its fabulous as usual. Thank you Nicole at Changes Hair Salon. I promise not to wait that long again. I'll take a pic tomorrow..

We really just had a great Christmas. So thankful for so many great people in and around our lives.. We are blessed beyond belief. Girls are Healthy, and truly happy babies. People are constantly asking me if they are THAT happy all the time, and the answer is yes. They will sit in the floor for an hour and play by themselves! Its pretty awesome. I'm so proud of them. MJ has had a wonderful spiritual journey this year and that has been amazing to watch as well.. He looked at me yesterday and said "Babe, I'm truly the happiest I've ever been in my life" and there is nothing sweeter to a wife's ears than hearing that.. WE are drinking from our Saucer.. Because our cups have overflowed. Merry Christmas and Happy New Year Everyone!!

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