Thursday, January 9, 2014

Brand Spankin New Year!

Well Welcome to a new year!! Its so weird to think that last year at this time I was big pregnant.. and you might be saying "Were you really that Big?".. Yes, with twins you pretty well blow up. I blew up when I was about 18 weeks pregnant.. I remember thinking last year at this time, "Holy Wow. I'm going to have two babies this year!" and how that blew my mind.. Well who am I kidding, it STILL blows my mind! Its just unreal that I was able to create two, Live, Humans!! God truly made the human body amazing.. especially the WOMEN's.. Because lets be honest, the part that the men contribute is the fun part.. not the break your back, bloated, painful, ruiney part.. Sorry guys.. So this year its a whole new time.. The girls will be turning ONE on May 25th. I can't believe they are 7 months old..Well yes I can.. because some of that went REALLY slow..but the past few months have went pretty fast. They are so fun and cute now. They make me laugh every single day by doing something ridiculous. Right now Crosslee is taking off..she Crawls backwards, rolls everywhere, and pulls up on stuff. I'm wondering if she is going to skip crawling and just go straight to walking. She seems to want to do that. I cannot imagine. I'm not ready for two Mobile babies!!
LL (Londyn Lucille) seems to pick up new things each day that are funny. Like right now she does weird things with her hands. She makes rolling motions with her fingers like "come here to me" and she does this funny laugh where she goes huhh uhhh uhh uuu.. Its bizarre, but hilarious. I can honestly say they are both the best babies. They sit and play by themselves without crying. They have started to enjoy each other and laughing at one another. Its so cool to watch them interact and know that they will always have each other. Twins is a very special bond that only they will have.. Speaking of Twins, I've met so many cool twin moms from Facebook.. we are planning a meetup in June. I feel like I know these women like my best friends, so it will be so fun to get to meet them and their babies in real life! More details to come on that.. So I know you are just dying to know what I did on New Years Eve right?!?!... Yeah, I was in bed by 9pm.. Lol. I know, I suck, but man these days after I work all day and come home to play with the babies and dog babes, I'm spent...MJ stayed up till Midnight and came in and gave me a kiss, and that was the end of that. Non eventful. I could try and blame my lameness on the girls, but I was lame BEFORE I had babies, so Its on me. Sorry. Lame.
In other news, we finally bought a new refrigerator.. After having one that made our butter taste like metal for the past 4 years, we threw caution to the wind and got a fancy one.. Its not that Fancy, but it does have a third drawer for MJ's Pop..He was super excited about this..I only care about having ice water, so I'm good to go with that. It looks awesome though, and really makes our kitchen look nice..

Job is still going great.. Girls are doing well..Life is good. We started up our small group again last night at Church, and I can't tell you what a blessing our small group is.. Its so nice to have a group of people to just talk to, pray for you, and know what you are going through. We love every couple in there, and I'm so thankful for them. Right now one of the things of doing is 30 days of gratitude for our spouses. Every day you say/do something nice for your husband/wife. I think this is an awesome way to keep some perspective in your marriage..with work, and babies, and life, its easy to get lost in other things other than each other, and I'm so excited to have a strong, solid, awesome marriage for not only MJ and I, but for our girls. I want to be those old people that hold hands on their way into church and talk about our keys to staying married. I love that.

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