Monday, January 20, 2014

Tell me Something good..

Well we have been having a good time with the girls! They Love Eating.. Well they really just love everything. They are the happiest babies ever. Every morning when we wake up we go in and get them.. (they wake up about 5:30) and then we bring them into our beds.. I put on my makeup and Jordan goes to take a shower and we all watch the Weather together.. Then we all go to the living room and they start playing with their toys. They will sit and entertain themselves for a LONG time.. We are so fortunate. They are also starting to take notice of each other and laugh and giggle at each other. Cross still wants whatever LL has, but thankfully LL doesn't mind sharing, and she just takes it back after Cross is done with it. 

Crosslee has also decided she is going to stand up on her own.. Yesterday she just pulled up on her car and stood there looking at me.. like "What? I can do this if I want".. and she would hold on with just one hand. She's CRAZY strong. She just kept doing it. and doing it.. She's still not crawling forward, but she will roll, then sit up, and then roll to wherever she wants. She has also started standing up while in her baby cage.. like "LET ME OUT".. but she's really doing it more to stand than because she wants out. 

Happy Babies!

They are doing so good on their eating. I cannot even tell you how many things they have tried, and loved.. I'm so glad we are doing Baby Led Weaning because I've really had a good time watching them get better and better at eating..and eating more and more stuff.. For example, Crosslee had a cinnamon roll the other day and LOVED it.. LL loves eating pineapple spears and oranges. Cross loves all meat and we gave them Teds the other day.. They LOVED their flour and corn tortillas and I put cheese, guac, and beans on them.. They gobbled them up. I really feel like this is going to help them not be particular when they get older..because they have tried so many different, unique things. And they LOVE it. Cross starts vibrating when you put her in her high chair because she gets so excited about food! I made them sweet corn fritters, tuna cakes, and they had French toast sticks this weekend. 

So I finally got rid of a TON of the girls stuff.. a TON.. I found someone who is having twin girls, so she scored some of the best stuff! I was so glad it was going to some cutie twin girls, and also that I was able to just GET RID of  some crap. It was becoming overwhelming.. so it needed to happen. Now if I can just get it all packed, shipped, and picked up, I'll be good to go!

Work is going excellent. Love my job and the folks I work with. One of my former contractors at CHK was hired at Loves on my team, so I'll be excited to have him on board over here too. I miss all the folks I used to work with, but I'm excited to have new ones around, and to be working for a great company. MJ loves his job too at AEP. We are both very blessed in that regard. 

I'm still loving the Bobby Bones show on the Twister.. Still love Hank FM, although I'm disappointed they put jocks on it.. Not because I don't support the jocks, but because it appears they don't know how to run the board.. All I hear is loud music, dead air, and phone calls going out over the air.. so Hopefully that will get better. MJ and I watched a movie this weekend because Pops and Grammy J (Joni & Kirby) came up to give us a fun day while they watched the girls. We watched "Ride Along".. It was pretty funny. 

Still haven't done the podcast yet. I was supposed to do that yesterday, but we had other things going on.. Hopefully this weekend for sure. I got the Mic to work and all my equipment ready, so now I just need the time to do it!! Hope you all have a great week!

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