Friday, February 7, 2014

What kind of Winter IS this..

Is it just me, or does it seem like Winter is ridiculous and worse than it ever has been in Oklahoma? I mean its one snow/ice/storm after another.. Ugh. I'm sick of it. Today Jordan had to stay home with the girls because LP could'nt get out of her house. I didn't have any trouble. I took my Kia Optima and rolled out just fine. It was slick, but I made it into work. I came back home at Noon to save Jordan..He was glad to see me, but he does awesome with the babes.

So Last week I was driving home on NW Expressway.. out of the corner of my eye I see a car trying to get over to the far lane (I was in the Center) and she basically was just going to ram into the other car.. well she figured this out.. over corrected, and then Ran right into the back of my car.. causing me to run right into the back of someone else. Annoying. I wasn't hurt, the girls weren't with me, and those are the biggest blessings.. but now my car has to be in the shop for 2 weeks, and its going to show up as a 'wrecked car' when I try to get rid of it, which is yet another reason for a car dealer to give you $5 for your car.. So Not excited about that. But the woman who hit me was precious, and 86 years old, and as you guys know, I love old people more than regular people, so I was just glad she was ok. I got out and checked on her and she called me 'honey'.. Love her. The lady in front of me, that I hit, was flipping out.. I told her to calm down, that the lady was elderly and to be nice to her.. Lol. I love old people.

The girls are doing good.. Crosslee started crawling yesterday! She is mobile! I knew she was pretty close, but I wasn't sure if she would crawl, or just go straight to running.. but she is crawling now, and enjoying it. LL has TWO teeth. Little bottom teeth that are just breaking through. So far they are both doing really well during their teething phase. They still sleep good, and wake up happy. Jolly, happy babies!

Work is good too.. Really enjoying my job and the folks I work with. Very blessed in that area. Jordan is doing good too. He went to Houston yesterday and setup a presentation for AEP. Then he flew back last night.. Long day, but fun work .

We are going to the farm this weekend. The girls are excited to see Gigi & Pawpaw, and Pops and Grammy J. I've already been busy planning stuff for their birthday party and securing some awesome ladybug accessories. I'm excited about it! They will have ladybug cakes, and lady bug dresses. We are going to have a big party here With tents in the back and "Bug Juice" and "ladybug pops" and all kinds of ridiculousness.. More to follow on that. I've created a whole pinterest board devoted to their party. I know.. I know..

Hope you guys stay warm & can't wait for Spring..Can you believe the girls are over 8 months old!!

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