Thursday, October 18, 2018

Its Fall Ya'll

Well Fall is certainly in the air here in OKC! I feel like we went from 70 to 40 in a few days.. but I guess that is pretty much expected at this point.. and Oh man, the rain! Its been great.. Lake Hefner looks fantastic!

We are gearing up for a busy Season.. I feel Like I haven't told you anything in awhile.. so here's a catch-up.. The girls started a new school in the Fall, Primrose Northwest, and its the greatest thing ever. They LOVE going to school now! We are so grateful, because nothing is worse than dropping off your crying, sad kid who does not want to go to school.. They have flourished there and they love their teachers and new friends so much! They get to go on a field trip to the pumpkin patch tomorrow.. and they go to the library on Fridays.. and have LOVED Checking out books! So.. we are super happy they love it! So that has been a HUGE blessing..

With Fall here.. that means Halloween is just around the Corner and the girls are cooking up some magic for you this year.. About 2 months ago.. Crosslee was watching the "He's Alive" video with Dolly Parton and decied she was going to be Dolly For Halloween.. so I tried to think of something that might go with Dolly.. Like maybe Kenny Rogers Perhaps.. but I didn't think that would make a good costume.. so I played "On the Road Again" for Londyn and asked if she wanted to Be Willie Nelson.. SOLD! And she's been singing "On the Road again".. since then.. #winning

So now.. not only am I winning at Halloween.. I'm winning at my kids listening to great music.. Oh, and if you want Extra.. they ate Beef Stew last night.. so yeah! Boom! Don't be surprised if I win mom of the year..

I've also been enjoying my gig on Hank FM.. (99.7 on your FM dial) and just really LOVING that I get to do what I love again. I cannot tell you how awesome it feels to be doing what you love and what you are good at. If you have that opportunity in your life.. take it.. Just make sure you also have another job that pays the bills.. lol.. #truth

I got another year older this year.. which will make me.. Old enough to know better and still too young to care.. (Thank you Wade Hayes).. I honestly feel rather great for being old as dirt.. This is the first time in 20 years that I work out 5-6 days a week.. Orange theory has been a life-changer for me. I started Last March when it opened, and thought.. "How do I keep from dying  when I do this workout?".. Well thankfully I did not.. and here I am over a year later LOVING my workouts.. WHAT? Stop. I know.. I never wanted to be THAT GUY, but I officially am.. I wear workout pants now! WHAT?? I KNOW.. I talk about working out with my fellow OTF friends..and we feel like we are in a special magical club that celebrates Burpees, Deadlifts, Run to Rows, all while high-fiving and cussing! I also love my coaches.. I'm so grateful to finally find something that WORKS for me.. I'm athletic.. but I'm not a runner.. I don't just 'run for fun'.. unless someone is trying to stab me.. I'm super competitive, and Orange theory allows me to compete with myself, and others.. all while completing an amazing workout with weights and cardio.. I even completed a dri-tri?@?!?! Yeah.. I know.. its a 2000 meter Row on the Rowing machine, a 5k on the Treads, and 300 body weight Reps.. and I DID IT!!!!! Another great part? yeah.. its done in an hour.. and I burn over 600 calories.. BONUS. We start Hell week on the 24th.. if you want to give it a go, hit me up, you get to workout for free for a week.. I'll cheer for you..

So all on my own.. I've lost almost 70 pounds.. Its been a great journey with Orange theory and also Profile.. They have helped me get my food in check with awesome coaching as well.. I cannot complain about much! Well.. I could.. Like the fact that Londyn has a cough that only happens at night and it wakes her up.. but overall. .Life is good here!

We are headed back to Branson in November.. so if you know anything magical that we need to do.. Let me know. We are staying at the Lodges at Timber-ridge, which is amazing.. and we are going to try to go to Silver Dollar City and to the Sight and Sound Theater to see "Samson" this year. I've heard amazing things about both.. and of course Cross wants to go back to the Dolly Parton Dixie Stampede.. #becausedolly Mom got her a weird Dolly Parton Doll, but we haven't given it to her yet, because we have to find Londyn a weird Willie Nelson doll to go with it.. lol

The girls still love all things Creepy.. The giant is up.. and they still take him food in the evenings.. blankets for sleeping..and talk to him all the time.. They also love the Bloody Clown. He was missing for a few days and they were very concerned, but then our neighbors put him out and all was well.. They pose with him on Sundays..
So all is well in my world.. Still loving my Church, My Small Group, and My Family and Friends.. I could not ask for more! Excited for the upcoming Vacation and Holiday Season! Hope you guys are doing well.. don't forget every Friday on Hank I have my Accordion, Helen with me at 5:15.. for Accordion Fridays..and the Bad joke of the day is back on Fridays! So give it a listen.. you can also listen online, or via the HANK FM app! Get down on it! woohoo!