Tuesday, November 19, 2013

Angels Among Us..

Well as you can see, we took some Christmas Pics! The girls were pretty cooperative for the most part.. However, Londyn got irritated pretty quickly and checked out.. Unlike Crosslee who put on quite a show for the camera. I've told LL that if she doesn't start smiling in pics she's going to think we only have pics of Cross in the baby book! We did get some pretty cute ones of LL though.. Going to have Cute Christmas cards this year!!
MJ and I had the coolest thing ever happen to us the other day. We went to eat at the SHACK, and it was a cold, windy night.. we get the girls out of the car, trudge inside with all hair all blown and weird, and find a seat.. We must have looked pretty haphazardly, because soon after we sat down the waitress came over to greet us.. She told us she had also had twin boys, and talked about how cute the girls were.. Then she said "You all must have some angels watching you", and gave us a gift card. We had no idea who gave us the card, but it said "
We were like "What!! this is awesome!".. So we asked the waitress if she knew them.. she said "Yes" but she couldn't tell us more than that.. So we ordered this great meal and had a great time with the girls.. The bill comes and its $62.44.. I say "Go ahead and put the gift card out, and then your debit card to cover the rest"... Jordan says, "I forgot my wallet, just get your purse".. I say, "I don't have my purse.".. DUMB DUMB DUMB.. We have left our house with NO MONEY.. Jordan is going to have to drive BACK to our house.. leave me at the restaurant with two babies, and wait for him to get there.. So she takes the gift card and runs it.. Its worth $75!!!!! HOW FREAKIN COOL IS THIS!! So we had showed up.. No money.. Nada.. and some angels just took over for us.. That was an awesome God moment for us.. I tell you, just when you think there is no good left in the world, someone comes along and restores your faith. We hope to someday Pay it forward to another couple that we see with twins, and keep the tradition going.. So that was just another example of how God is working in our lives.. so cool. 

I took Cross to a baby shower on Sunday.. we had a pretty good time. She acted very nice. LL stayed with daddy because she was asleep when I left.. MJ truly stepped up to the plate last night.. I went to Women's bible study and he kept BOTH babies while I was gone! I came home after an awesome night of learning about Advent Christmas Traditions, and saw two babies, sound asleep! How awesome is my man! 

Well in other news.. Its looking pretty hopeful that I'm going back to work soon.. I'm not going to give any other details till its a done deal, but I'm super excited about it.. Details to come on that.. 

I also can't believe its almost Thanksgiving and my babies are almost SIX MONTHS OLD! They are becoming so much fun now. We are going to start introducing solids when they are 6 months, but I'm not going to do baby food. I'm going to do Baby Led Weaning.. Basically, baby eats what you eat.. You steam veggies, give them chicken, etc.. When I read about it, it just made more sense to me.. Babies don't really need 'food' other than milk until they are a year old.. they are basically just teaching themselves how to chew/eat up to that point.. so we are going to try that as opposed to baby food.. 

My Uncle Don passed away last week. He was my dad's brother. I took the girls to the funeral and was so proud to see some family I had not seen in awhile.. Everyone also enjoyed seeing the girls.. They acted very good..UNTIL.. I had some blackberry Cobbler at the table with Cross in my lap.. All of the sudden I look down and SHE has the blackberry cobbler on HER, lol.. She was squishing the bowl with her hands and smashing the cobbler.. Cross is CRAZY strong.. and had already demolished it by the time I saw it..She had a little taste of it, and went back for more, lol.. Other than that, they acted pretty nice. Lapoppins is taking them to play at the library today.. She takes them places all the time..I'm so proud of her for doing it. I know the girls like getting out and seeing new people and things. They are very social babies and love people to talk to them..

We are getting excited for Christmas.. I've ordered the girls a few things, and got the goodies for Ava and Joe (niece and nephew).. I think it will be a huge pain to travel this year.. but worth it! Hope you guys are good.. and keep your chins up.. You never know when an angel is waiting for you just around the corner.. which I think is awesome.

Miss Pays and her babies.. 

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