Monday, October 28, 2013

Blah Blah Blah..

So recently I was over at a friends house for a playdate and Thomas the Train was on.. Has anyone else thought these were creepy cartoons? What happened to the good ol days of Looney Tunes and Foghorn Leghorn? Thomas the Train and his creepy friends are bizarre..Yet the kids seem to love it.I mean what it says to me is "High, I'm a talking train, and I'm about to run over you, thanks for your consideration"... I also put on one of those Baby Einstein videos for the girls the other day.. Also bizarre. It consisted of giant costumed characters dancing around and singing songs.. This was quite boring and ridiculous to me, but Cross & LL seemed to enjoy it.. so go figure. Don't you wonder what babies are thinking when we are all gooing and gawing over them.. Cross with her 'judgement' look is pretty easy to read.. LL is easily entertained by my idiotic faces.. They are growing growing, now 5 MONTHS OLD!

So I have a job coach now.. Its pretty cool.. I also have a resume coach which is also cool, but also makes you think "Wow, I'm an idiot that can't put together a resume'" so there's that.. I think both of them will help me in my job search.. What do I want to do? Who knows.. I mean yes, its always going to be radio, but you know as well as I do, that radio jobs are few and far between, and they don't pay much money.. Why pay money when you can be paid with George Straight and Keith Urban tickets?? Am I right!! Am I right!! lol.. Well yes, but now with families and those dreaded... RESPONSIBILITIES (sigh) I probably have to get a real job.. We'll see what God has planned.

This past weekend MJ and I went to CafĂ© 501.. Was the food good? Yes.. But what about the Dessert? HOLY MOLY.. I think we spent more on that! We had a caramel salted bar, pecan bars, MJ had pecan pie (I'm not a fan of this, I know, I know, go ahead and judge me) Carrot cake, and bread pudding.. We brought some of this back to mom, who was babysitting the girls at the time, but darn it! She left it there.. OH NO~! I couldn't let it go to waste now could I? No.. so I ate it.. MM MM delish!

I also got out the girls Christening gowns.. To Christen them? NO, we aren't catholic.. So why have the gowns? Who knows.. Maybe my mom liked them? Yeah, that sounds about right.. but look how cute they were.. We also took them to visit Dr. Cox at my dental appointment the other day.. The office gals had been asking me to see them, and I had to oblige.. they had a great time, and Man, do I love those folks!!!

We also took the girls to Pumpkinville at the Botanical Gardens.. It was really cute. They had a bunch of stuff for kids to do.. but my whole purpose was to pose my girls in as many places as I could in cow costumes.. duh. So here are some of those pics.. They had a "Mother Nature" walking around with treetrunk legs.. she wasn't that pleasant to talk too.. but if you have lived here in Oklahoma long you already know that Mother Nature can be a *Witch* if you know what I mean.. Tornadoes..hail.. roof ruining winds, etc..

I think for Halloween we are going to meet up with a few of our friends and go to Northpark mall to let the girls trick or treat.. (which means I walk them around in Cow costumes while people go ooshy booshy at them).. But we are also going to stop by Laura & Terry's house, and let them ooshy booshy them too.. at this age, Ooshy booshy is where its at..

Crosslee is already insanely independent.. She's my mini me.. she tries to feed herself, stand up, hold her bottle, and do everything on her own..I've told her she's still a baby.. she doesn't listen. Londyn is my squishy squish.. she likes being a baby, and I like to squeeze her.. They had a playdate with their friend Jude (he's 3 days older than them) and my good friend Jen's baby.. they had a good time, and Cross didn't smash him, so he might get to come over again!

Today my friend Ellen stopped by to visit the girls. Her husband, Dick Johnson was my all time favorite co-host.. He passed away a few years ago, but I always love seeing Ellen, and the girls did too.

I'm going to start back on my flower delivery volunteering that I do at the church.. I like doing that. I usually take Miss Payslee Shih-Tzu along so she can help brighten days. We are also back at therapy visits and she is happy to be there..The Flower delivery is through my church, Crossings, and we take flowers to those who need a special little pick me up because they are sick, had sick family, feel sad, etc.. They are always happy to see us, and its a good feeling to make someone else feel better.. I especially need that now, because some days, I feel down in the dumps about the job situation.. but I have to remember, that my problems are not nearly as bad as others, and I'm truly, truly blessed each day I wake up!

“If we all threw our problems in a pile and saw everyone else's, we'd grab ours back.”
Regina Brett

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