Friday, October 18, 2013

Is it just me.. or......

Is it just me,  or do I keep losing my job every 3 years?? No, its obviously not just me, because there were 640 others that went with me, but man.. Its such a blow to not only your paycheck, but to your ego.. You can't help but get your feelings hurt when someone says "You are no longer needed, bye".. So I'm feeling that lately.. Plus, I'm like the most loyal employee known to man, so I take it especially hard when it happens.. BUT.. When one door closes, another door opens, and I have to remember that God's plans are always better executed, and cooler than mine.. so I have to just be patient and see what he has in store for me..

I talked to a contracting company today and they think with my rare background and skillset they will be able to place me in a good gig pretty easily, so lets keep our fingers crossed on that one.

I do appreciate everyone who has reached out to me, and if you know of a job you think I would be good at, email me at Basically I get things done, and track down stuff for people.. I do crummy things that people don't want to mess with, and I'm good in IT.. so if you know of anything like that, hit me up..

On a better note, we took the girls to Gigi & Papa's last weekend to visit.. They had a good time and we got some super cute pics of them in a wagon with their pumpkin suits on.. We tried putting them in their cow costumes on the hay, but found out that hay is stabby and rude, and babies don't like to be stabbed by hay.. so there you go. The pics turned out so cute.. They are jolly little cows, and pumpkins.

They have also been much better in the church nursery. They go in there and have a pretty good time.. they are slobbering fools, so they might start teething soon. Crosslee is also over sleeping.. she's never slept through the night, but she used to only get up 2 times/night..and now its like 6-7 which is literally AGING my face.. I mean seriously.. I'm pretty good with little sleep.. but no sleep is pretty sucktastic..

I talked to her pediatrician and she made a few suggestions, but the biggest one was that its probably a habit (she wants a bottle 4 times in the night) and I was going to have to work on "Ferberizing" her.. yeah yeah.. You talk to her about that.. blargh.. We just talked to the Pedi again though, and she said its behavioral, and to try to get her to NOT use the bottle as a soothing mechanism.. Well, we shall start this as night 2.. So far its Cross-1, ME-0..
I'm still working on getting the Podcast up and going.. the whole losing my job thing threw me off, but I'm still going to make it happen. I plan on starting out doing a 30 minute podcast, and then if it goes well, maybe we'll do an hour/week.. we'll see..

So My mom found a ridiculous app that lets you put mouth/voices on pictures.. Here's some examples of what she did with these cute pics..(see below)

So.. America Horror story is back.. are you watching it? Its creepy.. Love it.. MJ and I went and watched "Carrie" today.. it was good, but not as good as the original.. My awesome friend Chantry is in "The Full Monty" at Sooner Theatre in Norman, we are going to watch him next weekend.. I've always loved watching him in his element!

We are headed to Norman tomorrow to watch the OSU game with Jordan's dad.. When we go there I always love to visit the little "Too Cute Bowtique" shop.. good grief, that could be the death of me.. That place has the CUTEST girl stuff ever! Tutu's, bling necklaces, and glitter shirts with bows! What more could you really ask for!! I got the girls OSU bling there last cute. Maybe they will wear it tomorrow for the game.. could be adorable!! Thanks to everyone for the well wishes on the job hunt, and for keeping me in your prayers. I'm blessed beyond belief with a great support system, great friends, great family, and an awesome church.. I know that something is just around the corner for me..until then, I'll enjoy spending time with these nuggets!
Too much? Of course.. But hilariously weird and funny.. I think so!!

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  1. I love everything you put on this blog!!!!! Keep it up and maybe you will be the next " Shepherd Twin Dynasty"!!!!!!!! on TV, then you would have the coolest job ever!!!! Good Luck KC. Peggy Tisher