Thursday, July 14, 2011

Welcome Fiona FJ!

Well I finally got to get my FJ Cruiser! I had my heart set on Yellow, but everyone kept telling me the resale was horrible, and that everyone hated them..I of course disagreed..But I am also one of the few people that got a bright orange there ya go..So anyway, I got a FJ Cruiser in light blue..I named her Fiona FJ..She sets up so much higher than my car..but man, My car was a good one! I had a Pontiac GJ and she had 3 bald tires and 112,000 miles! She still drove like a charm though! I will miss her, but I do love Fiona..The reason I wanted the FJ was because you can seriously wash it out with a hose..For those of you who know me, you know this is a very important asset..With hauling the dogs around I need to be able to wash something down! lol..So I'm very excited..I'm also excited to have XM radio..In the past I would have felt bad for 'cheating' on my profession..however since my profession has cheated on me in the past year, I'll be partaking in XM Radio!

So I had my first Orientation day at Chesapeake and it was awesome! They went over all the Chesaperks with us, and there are some great ones! I'm so happy to be working for a good company! I also got to meet some new friends and now I get to have some new lunch buddies!

Moms dog store ( is doing great! We've been thrilled with the sales and progress of the store, and its still so much fun ordering stuff for dogs! Speakin of.. Being that its been 100+ degrees lately, its been really hard to exercise the dogs I've been getting up at 5:30 and rollerblading the dogs..I thought they would be excited..but Sawyer has been I guess he likes to get up early and PLAY..but not get up early and EXERCISE.. I can't say that I blame him. Exercise Sucks. But its been good for me too..because we either blade, or walk a thats gotta be good right? Plus I'm going to start going to the Chesafitness center next week, and its got racketball, basketball, and dance dance I'm in!

Somehow for the past 2 weeks I have ended watching "Toddlers and Tiara's"..Why? I have no idea..yet I'm compelled to watch..That hair! That makeup! on a 3 year old! for some reason its awful, yet hilariously awesome to me..Jordan has been watching it too and always looks at me when the little girl is throwing a fit and says "Thats how our kid will be because of you!".. lol.. We'll see..

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