Saturday, November 5, 2011

Chesaweeeeen & Broken Thyroid

Well being that most of you know how crazy competitive I am, it will be no surprise to you that my team WON the Chesapeake Skit Contest for Halloween! Which means we walked away with a $2,000 prize! How great is that! I have been excited about Chesaween since I first got hired there because its such a big deal! They give away cars, trips, cameras, computers, TV's, vacations, etc.. So I was already on board..well then I found out you also got prizes for dressing up for Halloween, which I Always do every year.. So I was in the Hallway talking about Costume ideas and a person from my team said "You know we have never even entered the contest" and I was like "WHAT!".. so from that point on, we started planning..
We came up with a great idea called "Office Move".. it was a skit about having to change offices..For those of you who don't know, Chesapeake does about 5,000 moves per year..which means you will move from building nine to building 13, or building 5 to building 7..and so on and so the skit was about the Computer equipment being sick of moving and not wanting to go. My costume was a "UPS Battery Backup" which is basically (for those non-IT people) like a giant surge protector that keeps you from losing all your documents and work if the power should go out..
I built my costume, and also the costume of the "Desktop PC"..and all our costumes looked amazing! You can see the front and back of mine to the left..As you can see our costumes were GIANT and we fit inside them..We also had a giant phone, giant keyboard, two monitiors (shown above) and a mouse..It was a great skit and my team did awesome, so we were thrilled that we won!
So the Halloween party was awesome..I didn't win a car or trip, but was happy with my portion of the $2,000 prize for sure! Plus there were some amazing costumes, Gene Simmons from KISS, The Swiffer Wet jet girl, Whole Foods, Zombies, smurfs, etc.. If you want to see the pics go to I tried to take some pics of the best ones.. The whole party was great!
Payslee & Sawyer looked so cute in their Bee Costumes..Sawyer was a little apprehensive at first, but then realized he was really cute and started hamming it up. We've been visiting a couple that has been married for 65 years and met during WW II. So cool to hear their love story of writing love letters and building their own house..Very neat people.
On another high note, at Chesapeake they do something each year called a "Health Check" encouraging good health with blood pressure, cholesterol, glucose, etc checks.. And if you pass it, you get a $300 bonus at the end of the year, and money off your insurance premium..So I went and had mine done last week and I passed! So that is also showed the problem with my thyroid..Apparently a normal working thyroid operates at a 1-3 range (I dont really know what any of that means) but mine is operating at 6..which means its really not working at all! Well this was really good news because my metabolism was a -36% and I have been working out for 3 months and not really seen any weight loss or now we know why! So I have some thyroid meds that I started taking today, and I'm really excited to see if that helps with the weight loss..
MJ has a new hobby now.. Hunting wild pigs. Lol. He has been going with his friend who has land near Ada, and the wild hogs are tearing up his land..So far they have shot....NONE...but he's going to try it again tonight. Being that he is a 'city boy'..he has not had the pleasure of hunting like most of my family has done all my now he's getting excited about Deer Season, Turkey hunting, and anything else! This is the first time he's ever been able to shoot his assault rifle, so he's been having a good time..and his next hunting trip will be to the farm to shoot a Turkey for Thanksgiving!
They are tiling my bathroom this weekend..and its such a pain..3 day event.. and I cant leave my house.. blargh. Already sick of that.. Also sick of anything pertaining to the Kardashians, because that whole family is full of media whores.. and I was sad to hear about Andy Rooney.. My mom always loved him, and turned me onto his 60 minutes bit a few years ago..I loved him too, but so cool that he got paid to give his honest opinion for so many years.
Things I love right now:
The TV show "Happy Endings
The Song "Mr. Know it All" by Kelly Clarkson
The Song "Easy" by Rascal Flatts
The Fact that I now work for an amazing company
Sawyer's new Haircut that makes him look like a little Chinaman
Cafe 7 (if you haven't been here..its so good..and everything is $7)
MJ & My Family
My Church and Church Family
Don't forget to take time to count your blessings for the things that you love!

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  1. Congrats on the contest. All costumes are too cute. Once again you did a fantastic job.