Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Who has negative Metabolism??

So I've been working out fiercely for 2 months..and when I say fiercely, for me, I mean 5 days a week for an hour.. I get there at 6am, and workout till 7, 5 days a week, which I think is pretty good.. I do 30-45 minutes of cardio, and then I either go lift weights, or do some sort of strengthening exercises..

So I'm going along and a month in, NO weight loss, Not feeling any differnt..I got nuthin.. I of course find this very irritating.. So I decide to ask one of the trainer what the heck is going on, because why would you work out every day if you are seeing ZERO benefits from it?? So he puts me on a circuit training program along with my cardio, but also suggests I get a test done for my resting metabolic rate.. so I signed up. Well you go into this room and lay flat for 15 minutes while you are breathing into a tube..your nose is pinched, so you can only breathe into that tube.. So I sit there, and after 15 minutes she comes back and goes over my printout.. and I find out my Resting Metabolic rate is NEGATIVE 36%!!! What the hell is that about! So basically to put that into perspective.. If I worked out, and hour a day, like I have been, I could still only consume 1000 calories if I ever wanted to lose weight! Heck you could do HCG eat 700 calories and NOT work out and lose weight! So as you see, this was quite defeating to me..

But all is not lost.. My benefits kick in on November 1st..which means I can take me results to the Dr. on campus and he can tell me what is up with that... It is something that has to be fixed with medication..probably thyroid, or something.. So not much longer.. In the meanwhile I continue to work out every day like I have been.. Because I get to listen to Kidd Kraddick in the morning, and that motivates me.. I had forgotten what it was like to listen to a good morning show, so I was glad to find them again. I listen to them on my I heart Radio app on my phone..which is an awesome app by the way.. You can listen to radio stations all over town and its so clear! Its a fun show and it makes the workout go by fast, so that has been enjoyable..

As you know, Halloween is upon us.. My costume this year is amazing, but its only going to be funny to IT people, and people who work at Chesapeake.. I can't talk about it yet, because we are going to enter the Costume Contest skit..I could win some awesome stuff like a CNG Car, Ipads, Cameras, Vacations, TV's, etc.. Its like the most amazing Halloween party and I'm so freakin excited to be going to it!! So I'll post pics of the costume after we win! boom! The Pic of me above is when I was Marie Antoinette.. One of my fav costumes.

Pays and Saw's costumes came in and theya re so cute.. Payslee is a bee fairy and Sawyer is a bumble bee.. I'll post pics of them in a bit.. I was going to do it this weekend when we went to the farm..but they rolled in dead carcass and smelled like it, so I had to give them baths! They had a great time being dogs though!! We've got some awesome club-calves at the farm and they are by the Pays & Saw went to visit them..until the calves looked at them..then they would run off scared! It always makes me laugh..


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  1. You are perfect just the way you are!

    Don't sweat the small stuff and everything is small stuff!

    Seriously have you measured? Muscle weighs more than fluff, so you might be losing inches and making muscles?