Monday, March 21, 2011

Rodeo Opry is Coming up.. Reality BS

Well I'm on schedule to sing at the Oklahoma Rodeo Opry this Saturday. If you want tickets you can go to: and click on the "Tickets" link.. I'm planning on doing a Patsy Cline Medley, but I haven't talked to the Opry folks yet, so I'm hoping that is okay!! If So I'm going to do 1) Leaving On Your Mind, 2)She's got You 3) Sweet Dreams 4) Your Cheatin Heart.. Now won't that just be delicious! Mom is coming up so it should be fun..Jordan is going too, although I'm pretty sure he will be suffering through the whole event..How is it that I always end up with people who despise country music? I don't know.. But he doesn't like any of it, and doesn't even know who Patsy Cline is!! haha! So yes, if you are wondering what Jordan looks like..just look for the guy suffering in the front row!

We went to see "Lincoln Lawyer" this weekend..I was so excited to see my Delicious Trace Adkins in his movie role! He did a great job he played a tough biker, which really isn't too far of a stretch for him.. Matthew Mconaughhey was not hard to look at either..Nor was Josh Lucas or Ryan Phillipee..but besides all the eye candy, it was actually a really good movie.. I'd like to see "Limitless" with Matthew as well..Thats probably on tap for next weekend.. Friday night we rented Russel Crowe's movie "The Next 3 Days".. it was okay, but a bit far-fetched, and went on forever.. But it was okay for a rental..

Last night watched "Celebrity Apprentice".. It was good. I wasn't that sad that Nikki Taylor went home..She's sweet and all, but wasn't a big time player to me. I was excited that the men won the challenge, and kinda hoping that John Rich would take out Jose Canseco because he was making fun of people who listen to Country music.. John Rich defended us, and told him to shut it.. There was a time when I liked Jose, but that time has now come and gone. He seems like an ass, and acts like an ass.. I've always liked John Rich, and he's fun to watch.. So is Crazy Gary Busey, although lately Charlie Sheen is making Gary Busey look sain!!

Also on Idol I was cheering for Lauren, but she keeps picking sucky songs and now I'm forgetting her.. Pia is good, but a little too Carrie Underwoodish for me..I mean we already have Carrie, so do we need Pia? Not sure.. Its like the Scottie Guy..I like him, but I like Josh Turner better, so so far I don't really need either of those two..I'm cheering for Casey.. 1) because his name is Casey, and 2) he seems a bit insane, which I like.. So there ya go..

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