Monday, March 7, 2011

Celebrity Apprentice is Fantastic

So I have been waiting awhile for the debut of Celebrity Apprentice, hoping it did not disappoint me.. Well alas, It did not. Who doesn't love Crazy Gary Busey as the "Pepperoni Prophet"?? Ridiculous.. I also enjoyed Jose' Canseco wanting to kick the crap out of Richard Hatch. I remember Richard Hatch from watching the VERY first Survivor..back when Survivor was actually still entertaining.. He was a snake then, and he's a snake now..but does that make for good tv? YES..Plus he's been in prison for 4 years, so now he's probably really hateful and crazy..I cannot stand Star Jones.. I despise her so much that a few years ago I actually took the time to write a letter to ABC stating why I wish they would take her off the air.. They did..But I don't think it was because of my letter.. dang. That is only one of two letters that I have written in protest of someone..Guess who the other one was? Omarosa from the first Celebrity Apprentice.. I didn't like her either.. But this season looks really good.. Dionne Warwick and Latoya Jackson can compare Psychic Friends, Nene and Star Jones can fight it out..John Rich and Lil' Jon have already become best friends, and Nikki Taylor appear to cook a mean Pizza.. I think its going to be quite entertaining.. I'm also watching Jet & Cord McCoy again on the Amazing Race..I went to college with Jet. We had an English Sci-Fi class together and I remember he would show up to class with his eyes black, or his arm in a sling from being thrown off a bull..He is a funny, nice guy, so I hope they win it this time around. Then there's Idol.. I was cheering for that Clint guy, but he got the boot. So Now I've directed my attention to the girls, and I'm cheering for that Lauren girl..I think she's cute and fun times. Everyone automatically thinks I'll cheer for the Country guy..Scotty. But I'm not..why? Because he's not original.. He sings just like Josh Turner, so until he shows me something a little more magical, I'm going to cheer for someone else.. Jordan & I played tennis last was fun times..Why? Because I won.. As most of you know I'm insane about being competitive..We are thinking we'll try to play doubles soon, so for right now we are both working on not serving puffishly..Doesn't look like the Weather is going to cooperate this week, but we'll see.. The Dogs are good..Payslee got a new easter Dress from doggiedudsbydeb..Its the picture up above, and yes, she's smiling again..People seem shocked that my dogs smile all the time, but geez..Have you seen my dogs? They live the lives of Kings! You'd be smiling too!

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  1. Ok the Easter dress is my favorite of all time! Dang that is the cutest thing I've ever seen.