Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Well would you look at that..

Well we had a Great Grand Opening at Woofs Gone Wild..We saw a ton of folks, and even more dogs! I think we had a pretty good day..I can't really tell what we sold, and what we didn't..but we had a lot of fun! Now I'm in the process of sitting up the website and I had forgotten what a huge pain in the butt it is!! So many little details and pics and descriptions..blah blah blah.. So I'll be working on that..its about to be done though, and I hope that folks who can't visit the store will be able to visit us online to buy delicious goods for their babes.

Speaking of Babes..Payslee & I are going to be taking an Advanced Therapy dog class starting next week. I'm pretty excited about it because we both love taking classes, and she is so smart! We will be learning some new tricks, and some more advanced therapy stuff..It should be fun..Notice I didn't say anything about Sawyer, lol.. I love that boy because he is so sweet..but he is a free spirit and will not be tamed! He likes doing what he wants to do..So I just let him. He's such a pretty sweet guy! Payslee did a great job selling stuff for us at the Grand Opening..She had on her Pink/Brown Zebra dress and it was adorable..She did a great job greeting everyone and entertaining them for awhile. I think we will be selling treats pretty soon that Have Payslee's pic on them, and also Sawyer and Mom's dogs, Junior & Bear..they will be cute..

In the meanwhile I've been extremely busy at work..I haven't been doing much of anything else other than work, or dog-store stuff..Not too glamorous. I still fit in Therapy visits once a week..but all work and no play makes KC a dull gal.. booo.

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