Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Keepin it in Perspective

Payslee & Sawyer's Paparazzi pics..Sawyer looks homeless, but at least they look puffish and

Today Jordan & I went and met with one of our favorite pastors at Crossings, and we just had a GREAT talk. I tell you being around people who are so spiritual and so trusting with God is just inspiring to me. Jordan has just started going to church with me the past few months and I wanted him to feel comfortable talking to the pastor, and I wanted to as well..Crossings is a HUGE Church so you have to be willing to make it small enough to fit your needs and thats what we have been doing..First we joined a Sunday school class which we just love. Its so informative and taught in a way that lets you understand the scripture..Its not Preaching, its teaching and we love it..Our next step is going to be finding other folks our age that share our beliefs and values. We want to have a church family, so we're on a mission! lol.

One of the most inspiring and insightful things we talked about was how important it is to just love people. I am not the most compassionate person (unless you are a dog or an elderly person, then I'm a sap) so I have a hard time 'feeling' what other people feel..Lately I've found myself really irritated with people..I have a hard time relating to them, understanding their story, understanding why they act the way they do, etc..But at the end of the day, its not my job to understand them..its my job as a Christian to show them grace and pray for them. I may not be able to love them (right now) beacuse they irritate the pee out of me..but I can always continue to pray for them..Because if you were going through something, don't you think it would make you feel better if you knew 30 extra people were praying for you? I know it would from now on instead of telling someone OFF..I'm going to turn some praying for them ON..This will be very hard for me, so you all pray for me too!

We also talked about God's plan..I am an idiot when it comes to this. When I was on the air I woke up every day and Thanked God because I was going to a job I loved..that fulfilled me..that inspired me..that made me laugh..I thought I was doing EXACTLY what I was supposed to be doing and I was doing it well..I was wrong. I was living "KC's Plan"..not "God's plan for KC'.. While talking to the pastor he said, "God already knew you were really good at its time he teaches you to be good at something else".. And I'm thinking, "What? Why would God want me to be good at Computers?"..But its because I can't see the big picture, and I highly doubt its about Computers..Its about shaping my character..Shaving a little off the prideful side..adding a little to the service side..Scraping off a little of the attitude side..Adding a little extra to the Grace side..See the difference? If you went to work everyday and acted like God was your boss wouldn't you do a better job? Would you want to impress him and make him proud? YES. Completely new perspective for me..And I'm excited, and I'm inspired, and I love it!

How foolish sometimes we are to think we have all the answers..Or to think God is not big enough to 'fix' things for us..I've got so much to learn, but I'm so thankful to have Jordan going through the journey with me, and to have a church that fulfills my spirit and my mind..I've also joined the "In Touch" ministry which will allow me to visit more elderly people..Very excited about that too!

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  1. Those baby dogs are just adorable, like their mom!! Please put me on your prayer list, cause I am sure I irritate the pee out of lots of people! I loved this blog post. I am thankful that you have Jordan too...he is really lucky.