Monday, March 1, 2010

The Olympics are over and Blake Shelton!

Did you hear Blake Shelton on the air with us this morning? He's funny and awesome..and for some reason I told him he had a good Head on him? WHY WOULD I DO THAT???? I'm an So far I've told the Mountain Man from the Oak Ridge Boys that he looked "Very Mountainish" and now I've told Blake Shelton he has a good HEAD on him! Geesh..Anyway, if you missed the interview here ya go..

I had a good weekend..Didn't do much on Friday. Went to the sales at KOHL's and took the dog babes Rollerblading. Then Saturday MJ took me to a place in Norman called "Victoria's" to eat some delicious Italian Food. It was awesome! I had me some spinach Tortellini and it was excellent. Then we went home and watched some of this series we had recorded called "World War II in HD" on the History channel. There is a former soldier on there from Oklahoma that played for Coach Iba in Stillwater..and its just facinating to listen to. VERY good series!

Yesterday MJ and I went to an Open house in Yukon..Not to buy a house..but just to kinda look. I've been throwing away money in Rent up here for 3 years now, so it might be a more practical choice for me to buy a house. Speaking of..I got all the leather furniture polished and good to go. Got it rearranged the way I wanted it.. Spent last night on the new couch watching Jet & Cord McCoy on the Amazing Race..They are cracking me up. Jet & I had a class together at Swosu, so I'm enjoying cheering our Oklahoma boys on and hoping they take home more prizes!

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