Tuesday, March 2, 2010

The Stalker..

Well if you missed the show this morning, I was talking about this idiot that won't leave me alone. Most of you know that I have a magical boyfriend "MJ"..but I haven't told you the story about how we met. Its a bizarre situation because when I first me MJ I was actually on a date with someone else. Lets call him "Dave"..

Well I had invited Dave and a bunch of my other friends over for a little WII party..Well apparently My friend Amy had other plans and invited MJ over as well thinking that we would hit it off.. Of course this irritated Dave very much and he pretty much threw a fit about the whole thing..saying that I should have thrown Amy & MJ out of my house.. I thought this was stupid because its not like I was married to this guy, or even in a relationship with him! Now I realize that it wasn't the most polite thing of Amy to actually Invite another guy to my house when I was on a date with someone else, and I told Dave that I was sorry about that..but he wouldn't listen and kept throwing a hissy. So at that point I realized that I did NOT want to see Dave anymore, so I tried to be polite and say "Listen, I'm not really interested in a relationship right now"...So then I end up going out on a date with MJ..We hit it off and we've been together since then. Well DAVE was a friend on my facebook and after he saw that I was in a relationship with MJ he kept sending me crappy Instant Messages so I deleted him off my Facebook thinking that would send him a sign that I wanted him to LEAVE ME ALONE.. Well It didn't..

Last week he sends me a list of crappy text messages that go something like this:

Him: Went ta send you a message and see where you deleted me from facebook. Whats up with that? Can't we be friends still?

ME: Um well that wasn't really working out.

HIM:Wow Whatever

ME: Exactly.

HIM: Intriguing if you ask me..but its whatever.

ME:You were being a butt about MJ. YOu had crappy, smart elic comments. So I didn't need you reading my status updates or making rude comments. Simple as that.

HIM: Shouldn't be deceitful and day you are not ready for a relationship, but thats neither here nor there. Thought you were adult enough to be friends. But I guess not.

ME: I didn't want to be rude by saying I just didn't want to date YOU..but I guess I should have, since thats what I meant.

HIM: Yea cause you liked and thats not only wrong but its rude. But thats your choice and in the past. As far as smartelic comments, being lied to will do that.

ME: Well Now I"m going to be rude again and tell you to lose my number and please leave me alone.

HIM: Good luck and grow up. Glad your friends control who you hang out with.

ME: ME TOO! Because they obviously have immaculate taste! I'm the happiest I've ever been and completely in love with MJ! So thank you Amy!

HIM: Good for you. Guess Bi***y people like you and her find people to put up with your arrogance!

So at that point I just quit texting. Its apparent that he wants to have the last word and it just being an idiot, so I leave it at that.. But I got a bunch of great advice today from the listeners today! Thank you all for that..Here's a few suggestions

*IGNORE HIM---> Yes! Very good advice and I'm going to do this.

*Hit him with a Skillet---> Umm..Not sure that would help, and might get me arrested..but good idea none the less.. lol.

*BLOCK him from your phone---> Another excellent one..Looking into this as well

*LET ME WHIP HIS BUTT----Love the fact that my listeners will come to my defense!

*Give him the # to a good therapist----> YES! He obviously needs some help if he is this obessed with me after ONE date.

So as you can see..once again the KKNG listeners have come through for me in my love life! I appreciate you all! Hopefully this will get him to leave me alone!!

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