Thursday, March 25, 2010

Whats up with KKNG & KC Sheperd?

Well I'm still getting several emails a day asking me where I'm at, and what I'm doing, and why I'm not on KKNG radio anymore.. So I'll re-hash.. About two weeks ago Bill, James Ayers & I were all called into the office and told that they would be "Making changes" and we were not going to be a part of those changes. So that was that.. So for the past two weeks Bill & I have just been trying to figure out what to do, and look for jobs. We have been told that it was because of 'budget' and the 'economy'..but then we found out that they are hiring all new jocks for JAKE Fm, and KKNG, so now we know that was not the truth..Either way, you know what? We've just got to continue to be positive, and take this opportunity to realize that there is bigger and better things coming our way! No need in dwelling on it.. Yes, it is crappy, and No, I've never been LET GO from any job in my whole life, because I firmly believe in giving 100% to every job that I do, but sometimes that doensn't matter, and you just have to move I'm moving on.. Thank you still for all your emails.. is my new email address.. I am running into a few hiccups.. like Health Insurance.. blargh. I've never not had a job, so I have no idea even where to begin with the search for Out-of-Work Health insurance!

Now, onto other things.. Dancing with the stars.. How in the hell Does Pam Anderson look so dang hot all the time? Yes, I realize that she is "built" and most of her is fake..but crap, when she was dancing I was just sitting there thinking that if you could put a picture of "Sexy" on a woman, it would be her.. I'm not a fan of Shannon Daughery..I think she's a tool.. But I did like watching some of the rest of them..Not sure how long Kate is going to last on there.. She's too much of a villian.. But its a good season this year!

I'm also still watching Jet & Cord McCoy on the amazing race. I'm so proud of them and the way they are representing Oklahoma and Cowboys!! They are awesome! Also watching Idol, although I'm not that passionate about any of the contenstants so far..

Yesterday Payslee & I went to the Hospital in Norman to help the patients with their physical therapy and speech therapy.. She wore her new Easter Dress, although it looked like a Princess Party dress! lol. She stands so still while the patients use their injured hands to brush her, then she lets them pick her up and give them a hug for all their hard work..She's such a good girl. Now she's been asked to go to the Bone & Joint hospital as well.. Good Girl Payslee head! She is my biscuit!!

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