Monday, March 22, 2010

Hello Sunshine!

FINALLY.. The Sun.. After that weird blizzard thing! I went out West this weekend to spend some time at the farm with the family, and they got WAY more snow out that way. The dogs had a grooming appointment, and I'm sorry to say that I'm a bad Mommy.. Sawyer had to get his hair shaved! He lookes like an oddly shaped Lion! its pretty awful..but it will be a good cut for this summer..he will probably start looking more normal in about a month or so..right now he looks like a skinned lamb! lol..

The roads weren't too bad. I went to see my dad in Sentinel on Saturday, and it was slick..but not impassible.. It was good to see that side of the family too. My parents are so freakin awesome! They made me feel a lot better about the 'Getting the Boot' situation and not having a job now. I've applied at a few 'random' places, but did not get those jobs.. I've been having some amazing listeners send me links to jobs that they think I would be good at, which I really appreciate. The nice thing is that I can do a lot of things.. Having been in small market radio, and NO BUDGET radio I've had to learn marketing, promotions, and PR all on my own to make things happen for the stations I worked at.. So I would be an asset in any of those areas, but if the companies don't "KNOW" me, it makes it harder to convince them. But I'm sure something will come up.
I've beent told by a few listeners that called the station that they were told "KC & Bill decided not to move with the new station".. Well let me be the first to tell you that is NOT true. We didn't have that option, so please don't feel like it was our choice. It wasn't. I'm not sure "who" is telling them that, but that really bothers me.
I had a heckuva day with cars yesterday! First of all on our way to church mom had the 'child locks' set in her car and we could NOT figure out how to get the doors open! Then I went and got my oil changed and somehow when I reset my "change oil" icon, I set the car into METRIC units..which made me think I was going 130 miles per hour (because it was showing in KM instead of MPH!).. ridiculous..I tell ya..I may not be on the radio anymore, but stupid things still happen to me daily!! Enjoy the sunshine Folks!


  1. kc i miss you who is gona keep me up to date on with dancing with the stars,and james otto,I could go on and on I hope to here you on the radio again someday.I feel like I have lost a friend. luv ya

  2. Well I am just dumbfounded! I had been out of town for two weeks and just imagine my surprise and confusion on Monday morning when I got in my SUV to go to work. I thought someone had messed with my radio while I was gone. As soon as I got to work I checked the KKNG website and saw that it had changed to 97.3, but no explanation why and then on the way home I went to 97.3 and it was awful! I've tried to listen to Lynn the past couple of mornings but it doesn't even come close to what the three of you had. I will have to find a new station.
    You guys really entertained me and made me feel good while driving to work every morning. I smiled and laughed all the way.
    I think it is scandalous that they let you go but are still using your voice-over commercials.
    Whoever was responsible for this change was really, really, REALLY STUPID!!!!
    I wish you only the best and hope to hear your voice again on the radio... hopefully here in OKC.

  3. Lynn is so boring I refuse to listen to him, the old station sounds like a robot so wont listen to them, this the stupest thing that the Tyler's ever let happen I cannot believe it. Lynn needs to go on Hee Haw back in the 70's,