Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Miss Dorothy, Idol, and Dentist Fun!

So Yesterday I got the clearance to be able to drive My little Hospice lady, Miss Dorothy to visit her husband George at the Nursing home. I got Payslee all dolled up in her Orange Gingham dress and we went to pick up Dorothy..Well how cute that she was also dressed in Orange! So she and Miss Pays matched.. We had a great visit. Miss Dorothy & George have been married for 64 years this year. She is 86 and he's 89. She still gets all dolled up to go see him everytime. Its so cute. Yesterday she had on Orange from head to toe! Orange heels..Orange Purse.. Orange pants..Orange Coat..Orange Jewlery and topped it off with Orange Lipstick!! She's such a neat lady. Here's a
picture of them.. George seems to be doing well too..and he's the sweetest guy ever. His eyes light up everytime he see's her.. They are an inspiration to me!

I took Miss Payslee outside for a bit to Pose her.
Its always hard to take pics of the color of Payslee's eyes. Her eyes are gold because she is a "Liver" shih-tzu. A Liver means that her pigment is pink..Most Shih-tzu's have a black nose, and dark eyes..but Pays has gold eyes and a pink nose..with Pink Paw Pads, and Pink around her eyes as opposed to dark. Sawyer is a regular tzu with the dark eyes and nose.. Payslee had a great time visiting with the folks yesterday..she's quite a charmer! She always lets people smootch her right in the face if they want to do it!
Today I go back to the Dentist..More silver outta my mouth.. Its not a painful process, but it is time-consuming..Why? Because everyone of my teeth is filled with Silver! Dr. Cox has quite a mission on his hands with my mouth! But I think today we will take more out of the bottom and then just keep trucking along! I always take the laughing gas because I get kinda nervous. So when I get there they just start me on the laughing gas, hand me my headphones.. and away I go! lol.. I'm honestly happy that I'm getting it done. After I saw pic's of how bad my silver fillings looked I knew I needed to get them OUT of my mouth..
After the dentist I'm going to the Auto show with MJ..He LOVES cars.. LOVES THEM. So it will be fun. Plus they are serving little car-shaped cakes! How excellent is that! For a list of events go to ! Have a great day!

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