Thursday, March 18, 2010

KC Sheperd job search continues!

St. Patricks Day Payslee!Well its Thursday.. I'm still sitting here.. lol.. I'm trying to just enjoy the fact that I don't have to wake up at 3am, but I'm an over acheiever, so I'm constantly thinking about jobs, and applying different places. I've applied at a few places so far, and gotten several Radio offers out of the city, but with MJ and I in such a good place in our relationship, and the fact that he has an amazing Job, I just don't really want to move.

Interesting things have been happening though.. I do appreciate all the emails, and nice words everyone has been sending me..Its funny though because people are wanting to know "WHY" and "What were they thinking" and all of that.. and how they can express their displeasure about the recent changes at KKNG.. Well I don't have most of those answers..I don't know "Why" or "What they were thinking" but I do find it amusing that 'they' would think that no one would notice or care that their favorite radio station just got re-routed, and redone! People don't usually like change, especially if its bad which people lose their jobs, and lose their radio station.. So for those of you who would like to voice your displeasure you can email: and I think that will go to the appropriate "Powers that be". Then maybe they can give you some answers. As for me, I'm good..I do appreciate all the prayers, sweet cards, letters, emails, and calls..but honestly folks..This is going to be a blessing. It doesn't feel or look that way right now, but all things happen for a reason, and the Lord will take care of me. He always has, and always will.

In the Meanwhile..exciting news.. Before KKNG let me go, I had already planned a trip with MJ to Florida for the end of this month..So I'm still going to go. We leave next Wednesday. I'm also going to get to see an old friend that I went to college with, Chantry, so I'm excited about that too!

Tonight Sawyer goes on a Therapy visit..We'll see how he does.. I missed being on the air yesterday for St. Patricks day..Bill & I doing our horrible Irish/Scottish accents was one of my favorite things.. Oh, and we'd always call Ireland and see if we could get drunk people to sing to us..That was also good times.. Now we'll just have to find New good times.. I talked to Bill on Tuesday..he's doing good, and fixing some things around his house, and painting the rooms for the kids.. I'll keep you posted on him too.. In the meanwhile, if you need me: is my new email address.. enjoy the sunshine today folks! I know I will!! XXOO


  1. Have they lost their ever-luvin minds. ya"ll were a great team and I looked forward to hearing the show as I went to work. I won't be listening to Lynn at 97.3. It just doesn't do it for me. Who's idea was it? Are they crazy? Some people try to improve on a good thing and mess up everything. Let us know where you will be and I think you should team up with Bill. He has so much talent, what a waste. I'll surely miss Helen. Thanks for a great show!!!!!

    Lil Darlin

  2. My drive to work is definitely not as much fun without you, Bill and Doodles, Whitney, Dot Com, Crash, Stuart, etc. Miss you guys!
    I especially like your comment about knowing this is for the best and that God will take care of you, always has and always will. God Bless!