Saturday, March 13, 2010

Robbie Gilbert is goodtimes

Uh oh.. Seems Miss Payslee thinks MJ is "HER" Boyfriend!!

Well dinner with Bill was good..he's keeping his options open too on the job front. We are both looking at all of the ideas/jobs being suggested to us. Neither of us really WANT to get out of radio, but we may not have much choice. It seems the radio business is kinda in a slump right now, and we can't really wait for it to come back up..So I've been applying at other places. Hopefully something will come up soon. I'm not the kind of person who can just 'sit at home' and wait for things to happen..I'm more of the type that MAKES things happen, so I'm hoping this little 'fire-cation' will be short lived! lol..

I just want to say thank you to all the folks that have been emailing me and offering such kind, uplifting words. You guys are the best. I was so shocked at the changes they decided to make at KKNG, and it just really hurt my feelings. Its not that I don't think I can't find another job, but I had so many good friends there, and even though Lynn, Bill & I were a 'dysfunctional family'.. we were a family none-the-less..So I feel like I've lost part of my family. But I know when one door closes God opens a window, and he will take care of me, and take me into a new direction. I just wanted to say thank you though, because I've received so many nice comments, letters, emails, and sweet words from everyone..I want you to know that I read everyone of them, and they are all special to me, because in times like this, its nice to know that you have an awesome group of folks in your corner cheering you on!
Mom came into town yesterday and we have been running all over OKC pampering ourselves. Yesterday we got pedicures, and massages at the mall..Then we got our eyebrows "threaded"..Have you ever done that? Its BIZARRE. They somehow pluck/shape your eyebrows with a piece of string..weird, but oddly effective! Then last night it was back to Iguana grill downown for some delish Mexican food, and then MJ took Mom and I to the Sara Sara Cupcake house for cupcakes.. *By the way..MJ is awesome, and being so helpful during this crappy time.. lol..

Today was mall day and we found some awesome, cute, outfits at the mall, and we went to SEPHORA!! Yay! I just can't go to Sephora without being jolly.. so I was all smiles! Its amazing what a new lipgloss can do for you.. lol.. So its been so much fun. And it will continue. Tomorrow My dad is coming up here with some of the cattle we raised to show in the OKC Livestock show, including a cutie pie Hereford Heifer! I can't wait to see her! I've invited all the friends out to see her, and love on her.. Herefords are so I'm pretty excited. I just got back from taking the dog-babes to their field to run and play.. Finally a nice day with sunshine!

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