Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Livestock show fun, and No Job.

Well its now been a week since KKNG gave me the boot.. Doesn't that feel weird to say! I've been applying at all the places I can think of, and we'll see what happens..The fun thing is that my parents have been in town at the Youth Expo watching some cattle we raised show..so for the past 2 days I've been at the fairgrounds cattle show.. We had a heifer yesterday that won her class, and another one that won Reserve Breed Champion, so that was funtimes.. Today I'm going to go watch our little Hereford show. She's too young to win much, but she is so cute!!

Last night MJ went to the stockshow..Its quite a learning experience for him! He's never been around cows before, and really never been around anything farm-related..so two days of stepping in cow-crap, and being around 2000 pound animals has been interesting for him! We've had a funtime. Then we went with my parents to eat at Charlestons.. Mom's headlight was out, so MJ is going to help her fix that.. Have I mentioned that my parents LOVE him! lol.. Thats always good right!

Tonight I'm going back to "Taco Tuesday" with some friends..We have a lot to catch up on, and since I'm unemployed, its good to save on Taco's! So that will be funtimes.. Also today Payslee & I have a therapy Visit at Bradford village. I havent decided what Miss Payslee will wear yet, but I'm sure she will be fabulous. In the Meanwhile I'm going to start organizing my closet, and things like that. I know my "new" opportunity is just around the corner, so I've got to be ready!! If you all hear of anything I would be fabulous at, just email me.. kcsheperd@aol.com If you would like to give your feedback, you can email me there as well..
I'm off to the stockshow!


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