Thursday, February 17, 2011

Valentine Cline

Well I had a great Valentines Day.. Jordan and I actually went out on Friday night to Boulevard Steakhouse..It was REALLY good.. REALLY expensive, but thankfully we had bought a Groupon that took $40 off our bill, so that was helpful. I had Tenderloin tips with Mushroom sauce and garlic mashed potatoes..He had a Fillet with Button Burgandy Mushrooms..It was delish. Saturday We rented all the X-Men movies and watched them. I usually don't enjoy Sci-fi movies, but I do like all the X-men movies..Hank is my favorite.. Because he is weird and puffish blue. Then on Sunday we went to watch "Just go with It" with Adam Sandler & Jennifer Aniston..It was a great movie! I love Adam Sandler.. More on V-day in a moment..

Saturday Brandon invited me to go see "Always, Patsy Cline" at the Lyric Plaza Theatre.. I wasn't sure what to expect, because not many people can sing like Miss Patsy Cline! So my expectations were pretty low.. But man, when the actress leaned into Walkin After Midnight we were hooked! She sounded so much like her that I thought she was lip syncing! She looked like her too, and ended up singing like 13 Patsy songs throughout the show! The actress that played her best friend, Louise, was an Oklahoma Native, and she was hilarious and awesome too! It was a REALLY good show. We were so glad that we went..In fact its inspired me to do a Patsy Cline Medley when I performa at the Rodeo Opry on March 26th. For tickets go to: and you can purchase tickets from their site. My mom is excited and she will be joining us. I'm not going to be HOSTING the Opry, just performing. I'm not really entertaining enough to host by

So on Valentines day Monday, I gave Jordan all his stuff..I got him a bunch of Ford Raptor crap.. Like a hoodie, T-shirt, matchbox car, and an OSU tag..Oh, and a head great is that! He came over and didn't have anything in his I was like "What! Where is my Valentine, and I was crying around to Sawyer and Payslee that I didn't get a Valentine.. Well little did I know that he had snuck into my Bathroom and put a giant vase of flowers (pictured above) in my Bathtub! He knows how much I love to take a bath, and that I would find them there..So of course I had to eat Crow and I also got a Silver "I love you" Ring from Tiffany's.. He's pretty much the best..

Last night we finally (because of 2 weeks of snow) got to finish the "Muslims & Christianity".. It has been SO interesting. Jordan has been going with me to it, and we both really enjoyed it. We'll start another class next week over the book of Romans. I'm also loving my Sunday school class too..I wish I could sing in Church, but I don't want to join the choir..I would, but they practice on Wednesdays, which would take me out of my class, and you have to sing in both services, which would take me out of my Sunday school class.. So if you want me to sing at YOUR church sometime, Holler at me! lol.. I'll see what I can do..

Therapy visits tonight! Have a great weekend!

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