Tuesday, January 5, 2010

New Years Date Drama

Before I get started on this..I found a home for that sweet little Shih-tzu boy that I put on my blog yesterday..One of my good friends from Canute is going to take him home on Friday to be a friend to his Sweet Lhasa, so I'm happy about that..and thank you SOO SOO Much to everyone that responded trying to help.. The Pic from above is my friend Amy & Brandon's little boy who I call "The Wolf" meeting the "Tzu" for the first time..The Tzu, being my Sweet Sawyer..

Okay..Now onto the New Years Eve Drama..First off, I did have a date, but I brought my friends along too because we had already made plans to hang out. So we started off with Dinner & Drinks at Chelinos, which was funtimes..Then we headed over to Edna's to have a few lunchboxes..All was well until I left my Iphone on the table and my sneaky friend Lauren used it to update my facebook status to say "I love my Friends more than my dogs".. Which of course, caused an uproar on Facebook..lol.. So from that moment on I had to take my phone into the bathroom with me.. Which was a bad idea..Why? Because it dropped IN THE TOILET!! You all know how much I love my Iphone, so my heart was breaking..thankfully it had a cover on it, and recovered..It appears to be working fine! Woo hoo!! Thank you Iphone Fairies!!

Now..as for the date..Nice guy.. Not the guy for me. He probably hated us because we were laughing at stupid things and acting foolish..so God Love him for going with us! Back to the drawing board..

I did go to Sunday School for the first time on Sunday, and the Lord sent me a sign that I was supposed to be there..You know what it was? My teacher was doing the lesson and guess what he brought up? "Nobody wants to play Rhythm guitar behind Jesus" by My Oak Ridge Boys.. I tell ya, the Lord gives us signs all the time..we just have to be paying attention..

Have a good day!

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