Monday, January 11, 2010

Great Weekend full of fun!

Hi Everyone! What a weekend! Friday of course I was at the Bob Howard Toyota store until it was time to head to the Ford Center for Brad Paisley.. I had several people and listeners meeting me there for their tickets, and wouldn't you know I get to the Will Call and they can't find my stuff! Meagh! So frustrating! I was supposed to be at the Justin Moore Meet & Greet at 6:35, and didn't end up getting there until 10 till 7! Thankfully they waited on us, and I was able to see Justin again. I had not visited with him since the New face showcase, so it was good to see him again.

So after that we headed over to see Miss Miranda Lambert for a bit..It was funny because our hair was highlighted in a similar way..How cute is that! We had to kinda hurry through that one because I wanted to see Justin on stage..He was excellent! I was so proud of him! He's grown so much as an artist since we saw him that first time. I loved it when he gave the $500 guitar to someone in the audience!! How cool was that!

The Miranda show was really good, although I'm not sure if it was where I was sitting, or what was going on, but for some reason I could only hear the guitar player, as opposed to hearing her sing. She put on a great show though too.

After Miranda's Show Lynn, Kevin & I went backstage to say Hi to Brad. We were supposed to go on his bus, but it was being torn up and having bunks put in it, so we met him in this little room. We had a lot of fun with him, and yes, we did ask him if he really was best friends with Jimmy Carter.. and YES..He is!! Actually he said that Jimmy Carter is better friends with his dad, but that he does know Jimmy Carter, and that he is a good guy, so that was pretty cool. He's a super nice guy.
The Brad show was great too. I liked the way they had the stage setup so that he could go out into the audience..and at one point he DID. He went off the side of the stage and down through a slew of friends from the left to ride sides of the stage..It was good times. I would post all the concert pics, but my laptop died..AGAIN.. so I can't do that right now..but for those of you who are my facebook friends, they are listed on an album there..for those that aren't you can send me a friend request and see them that way..Or at least until I get my laptop fixed, which will probably be 2 weeks or so..blargh to that.

Then Saturday Bill & I hosted the Rodeo Opry in Cowtown. It was a lot of fun because Darlin' Darla crashed the party and had me sing "When Will I be Loved with her".. we had a blast..Bill also played "If the House is Rockin" on the drums. It was fun, but lasted till around 10:30, so it was two late nights back to back for me..

Yesterday I had a date.. What! I know.. and it was fun date too. I'm not revealing too much information at this point, but we went to Cheesecake factory and had a very good time. I'm pretty sure I'm going to see this guy brace yourselves!!

Mom is coming to the City today. She and my dad are going to Denver on Friday for the big Cattle show up there. We have 3 really GOOD show calves and they are taking them up there to show in the next week, so they'll leave on Friday. She needed to go to Sams and pick up some stuff, so I'll tag along with her.. funtimes..I heart my mom!
I also want to say this morning that I'm so sorry to the family of Julia Gilbert, the girl that went missing from Edmond on Friday night. I didn't know her personally, but several of my facebook friends knew her, and that is just a heartbreaking situation, so I will be keeping her family and friends in my thoughts and prayers.

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