Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Therapy Visits, lunch, and fun.

Yesterday was a busy day! First we had lunch with an office full of Fellas from ONG at Denny's.. We went to the one on Meridian where I had a delish Black & Bleu salad..Jim Roundtree is the owner there, and he took GREAT care of us!! I love all the new menu items..MM MM!

After that I had to race home and get Miss Payslee ready..We had a Therapy Visit at Bradford Village in Edmond. We love going there because they bring all the residents into the foyer and they all get to watch Payslee Do Tricks and love on her.

As you can see, Miss Pays is wearing a fabulous plaid dress with a huge white bow, and lace collar..It was so freakin cute! I had a matching plaid green bow made for her too..She was quite popular in her fabulous little dress..The little ladies just LOVE it when Pays dresses up, and this was one of their favorite dresses!

After the Therapy visit we went back home to hang out with Sawyer & Rally. Sawyer gets to go on a visit on Thursday to The Fountains at Canterbury. He's getting better about visiting. I'm hoping that by taking him to the same place each time, he becomes more comfortable, and starts like going to visit..

Has anyone else noticed that Phone talking is pretty much over? Nowdays if someone wants to talk to you, they text..which I also enjoy..But in the past few weeks of my 'dating' life, I've noticed that its all about 'texting' and not really ever talking to people..This usually isn't a problem unless you are trying to be funny..Its MUCH harder to be funny through texting..but so far, I'm making it happen so I won't cry too much..but the problem with emails, or texts, is that people can't tell your emotions, or expressions..Is She being funny? Sarcastic? Sad? Its almost impossible to read those things through texts. A couple of weeks ago I quit talking to this guy because all he ever wanted to do was 'text' me..Never wanted to make plans..Never wanted to go on a date..Just wanted to "Text".. Just wanted to be "Textual".. Well that got irritating, so I just quit texting him back. Make a plan. I'm a planner! Come on! lol.. Okay..thats my rant about that little ditty for today..

My parents are still in Denver. Yesterday our Bull that we raised, Renegade won Reserve Grand Champion, which was HUGE. He has the cutest little black and white face. He's a Simmental. Meanwhile, his sister Lydia brought $19,500 for HALF of her at the sale..Which is pretty freakin amazing!! She will be an awesome Cow! So its been a good Denver Trip.

Tonight I'm headed to Church at Crossings. I am going to a class at 6:30 called "Religion in Politics".. Its been great so far, and very informative..I find myself sitting in the pew saying "WHO KNEW!".. Join me if you like..

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