Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Fun Pun time..and weekend fab

Hi there..I had an entertaining weekend!! Friday Night I had some girls over to the house to play Wii..All was well, we were having a fabulous time. Bill's girlfriend, Leslie came over to hang and we were all enjoying ourselves..Then Bill came to pick her up so she went outside and I heard screaming..So I didn't know if she was beating the crap out of Bill or what! So I raced outside, and wouldn't ya know..It was my crazy neighbor hollering like a fool at Bill saying, "GET YOUR ____ CAR OUT OF MY DRIVE WAY YOU ___ IDIOT" The irony? Bill was parked NO WHERE NEAR his driveway..So at this point I've had enough of her tyrades and I scream back, "NO ONE'S IN YOUR DRIVEWAY CRAZY!!".. Well apparently her grandkids heard me hollering and decide to charge after me..which in turn makes the crazy lady charge after me..Fortunatley, for me, she's only hitting me with racial slurs and not her fists! Then she raced back into her house..So I talked to her grandkids, and they realized that no one was trying to harm their grandmother, and that Bill was NOT parking in her driveway..But by this point the Cops had been called and were on their way..Once they got there, He went to the door, where the crazy woman screamed, "Where's the Black Police..I don't want No Kracka!".. So yes, you see where this is going..Well finally I got to talk to her children who told me that if she forgets to take her meds, this kind of behavior happens..So I took down their phone numbers, and hopefully if she starts to spit on people, spray cars with her waterhose, or holler at us..I can call them and they can come over and calm her down. RICICULOUS!

Then Saturday night I went on a double date with someone my friends Amy & Brandon hooked me up with..We went to the Mont for Swirls, and then to their place to play Wii..Which I got beat at..dang..Tried to win at Guitar hero, and couldn't make that happen either!! Dang!! But on the flipside..Had a blast on the date, and have seen the gentlman several times since then!! So I'll keep you posted on my dating rendezvous!!

In case you missed my delicious Pun this morning..Here Ya go. I love puns so much!

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