Tuesday, December 29, 2009

UPDATE** from Vacation

Hello Folks! I'm enjoying my vacation..My favorite part is not having to wake up in the middle of the night! (I get up at 3:30am every day)..So I've loved that! I went home last Monday and got ready for Christmas. On Wednesday we were supposed to get a big snow-storm, and boy did we! I got up at 4am to let the dogs out, and it was blowing and snowing SO hard that I couldn't even see in front of me!

I woke up that morning around 7am and had to take the trash out..But it was so white, and blowing so hard that I could barely walk! The wind was blowing 50mph out West! Blargh! I hate wind! Once it finally quit blowing we had snow-drifts on the side of our house, and on the barn that were 10 feet high! It was quite a site..Even the poor cattle had snowy faces!
We couldn't make if far, even though Steve had the Tractor with the front-end loader going..He and Randy were trying to go feed cattle, but the snow was blowing so hard, that the drifts from East to West were Intense.. You could go anywhere North to South, but East to West was a nightmare! So we just built a big ol fire, and began cooking for Christmas dinner.
Christmas day was not as bad..The wind had died down, and the sun was melting off some of the snow, so I went to see my dad, Kirby in Sentinel and had lunch with them. We had a good time, and the roads weren't too bad. Then Christmas night we had a bunch of family come over for a big feast. I saw a lot of my cousins that I had not seen in forever, and we all had a great time playing the Wii.. (Randy & I got the WII for Chrismtas! Woo hoo!).. So over all we had a great Christmas time!
I stayed in Canute till yesterday..Yesterday was pretty much crap. I got a flat on the Turnpike, and couldn't exit off until I got to Council..so I drove with my hazzards on to the tire place. Thankfully I made it without bending my tire RIM. They put on the spare, and I drove home to get my extra tire (I had saved one from when I replaced all my tires awhile back) and they put that one on, and I had to order a new $165 tire.. I swear I'm just not meant to have money! The Saturday before that I paid $430 to the vet for checkups, shots, vaccines, and flea prevention for the dogs.. so Bye Bye Christmas money!! After I got the new tire on I drove home to find my drive-way snow packed, and there was no way to get into my garage..so a man stopped by when he saw me trying to flick snow away and offered to shovel the drive for me.. We made a big enough path, and I gave him $30 for his efforts and sent him on his shoveling way!
More about my adventures, the dogs, and the Wii tomorrow..Right now I'm off to the mall! Be careful!
Oh, the picture of the dogs is my brothers dog Page (from left to right) Payslee, Izzabell (Mom's border collie puppy) Sawyer & Rally!

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