Monday, December 7, 2009

Trace Adkins & Martina Fabulousness!

Well Trace was AMAZING as usual.. He puts on SUCH a great show.. Mom loves him so much, that it was just fun watching her love him!! If you have not seen Trace, he makes it enjoyable for both the guys & the gals..I'm pretty sure the women love the Trace Gyrating more than the men do..but the men enjoy that Hot Mama Video, so it all evens out in the end.. lol.. We had a blast! By the way, if you want to see all the Trace Adkins/Martina McBride concert pics, you can go to TRACE ADKINS CONCERT PICS!

We had our Tyler Christmas party on Friday night at the Harn Homestead..Geesh! It was cold Friday night! The Happy news is that I won something!! Hooray! Its the first time I've ever won something at the Christmas party!!

Then on Saturday Morning Lynn & I got up early to host the Cowboy Christmas Parade in the stockyards. It was a cold morning, but we had a great crowd! Santa was there in his sleigh for the kiddos, and I LOVED watching the Longhorns walk down the streets!

After the Parade I waited on Mom to come up and then we went to eat Sush at "In the Raw" in bricktown. We had never been before, and it was delish..I, Of course, had Sushi..They had other stuff though, noodle bowls, steaks, etc..It was yummy..Mom and I split 3 really good Sushi rolls..I swear I could eat Sushi everyday!

After delicous Sush, we headed to the Ford Center to see Trace and Martina! When Mom met Trace he told her she looked very "Yellow" and that made her laugh, so thats why she is laughing in the pic..but look how pretty my mom is!! Of course Trace was awesome on stage, and even did a little Christmas music! He sang "Chestnutts Roasting on an Open fire" and it was tremendous.

Martina came out wearing lots of jewels, so I was pumped about that..She had on a Sequin Vest, and sequin shoes! She didn't do any Christmas music, but she sang "Lean on Me" and that was cool..She also rode a giant moon out into the crowd and then she sang to the back of the Ford Center which was nice for the folks in the back..That girl can SING..Every song she sings when she gets finished you are like, "Wowza..what a voice".. It was a great show.

Mom stayed the night with me and on Sunday we were on a shopping mission. We got quite a bit of it done at Burlington Coat Factory, and then we headed to Penn Square for a bit..I've only got a couple of folks left to buy for, so I'm doing pretty good..Guess what I found at Burlington? A Santa outfit for Sawyer!! I KNOW! I'm so excited..I'm going to try to pose those babes this afternoon for some Christmas Cuteness!! Hope you all had a fabulous weekend!! XXOO

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