Friday, December 4, 2009

Friday is here for Christmas parade fun!

Well Hello! Geesh its cold outside! Went walking again yesterday and I just can't get used to the freezing air going into my lungs! But I still have to go..over a mile..each dang day, because Payslee wants to RUN the whole way!!

Well Yesterday I took Sawyer to Sterling house Assisted Living, and we had a good visit. Several of the other therapy dogs showed up, and Saw didn't cry for them, so I was proud of him for that..However, he still doesn't love the little old people petting him!! When they would reach down to pet him, he would just kinda turn the other way! If I picked him up he did a little better..but its definately something we are going to have to work on..He also kept trying to hug the other dogs necks, and the Rottweiler, Emma, did NOT like that, so we'll also have to work on him not hugging the other dogs faces..I have no idea why he loves to do that. He did take a really cute picture by the Christmas tree though!! And he's soft.. lol..

Tomorrow Lynn & I are going to be at the Stockyards Rodeo Parade at the Corner of Agnew & Exchange in Cowtown..You should come out, because this is the one where they walk the Giant Longhorns down the middle of the road! Its very cool..It starts at 10am tomorrow..

Then of course tomorrow is my Delicious Trace Adkins..Yes, he is an awful interview, but he's a GREAT entertainer..I've probably seen him 10 times, but I love it everytime I go! HE's amazing, and that voice!! MM MM! Mom's coming up to go with me, and so is Lauren..It will be good times. Mom is also bringing up some delicious homemade Egg Nog! Woohoo! Have a great weekend!

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