Thursday, December 10, 2009

Brr..Baby, its cold outside!

Yesterday was a boot Weather day..That wind was a bit ridiculous,but other than was an amazing day!

Yesterday was Payslee's first therapy visit to Norman Regional Hospital. She was asked to be a part of a therapy team, which is pretty awesome since she is barely a year old. I can honestly say,(and not just because she's mine)she did AWESOME! I was so proud of that little girl! The way it works is that the nurses bring in the patients who are working on Physical Therapy, or Speech therapy into the therapy room, and instead of doing their usual work they get to work with the dogs. So they take turns brushing the dogs, throwing the ball, petting, combing, leashing, etc..It helps them work on their coordination and they just love it! Payslee was just supposed to observe yesterday, but she was hamming it up in her Santa dress and matching bow! So all the patients kept asking for her..and she would go to them, and lay down and wait for them to talk sweet to her, and then she would let them pet her, or she would dance around for them..She is so flipping cute! Then we went around to individual rooms for the folks that couldn't get out and walk around, and Pays just sat there on their beds and got some loving, and gave kisses! Yay Pays! We will go back again next month.
Well as you can see from the pics to the left, I put the babes in their Christmas Attire..Sawyer was quite a jolly Santa baby..He keps smiling so big that he looked like a lion! He truly is a Jolly, Happy Soul.. So I posed them on the couch, and of course they just sat there, since they are little Christmas hams! Sawyer's outfit had a little hat, but when I put it on him it smashed his face, so I left it off..
After the therapy visit yesterday, Lauren & I went to Crossings Church for another amazing class. This one was called "The Historical Christmas" and talked about how little we know about the actual birth of Jesus, and how we've just pretty much "made up" a lot of our current Christmas traditions..Like Santa Claus coming down the Chimney..We know that Santa is loosely based on the Saint Nicholas who handed out gifts..But why do we put trees in our house? Why do we string lights? Whats up with the Candy Canes? It was a facinating class, and I just love the classes there.. There is another set coming up in January that I'm going to take..
I don't remember if I've posted this or not..but this is the Commerical that my mom is using in Elk City..Its for Great Plains National Bank. This is my mom, Robbie, and her 5 year old therapy dog, Junior..Its amazing what you can get dogs to do with a piece of chicken!! haha! Stay Warm folks!

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