Thursday, December 3, 2009

Happy Thursday to you..

Well we went Rollerblading yesterday in the cold..WOOWEE..It WAS COLD. It made me rollerblade faster though because I was trying to get finished!! We did our mile and then called it a day!

I also made the dog-babes meatballs yesterday because when I'm training them I have to have very HIGH value treats so they will do what I want!! But then I also have to make the meatballs where I don't want to eat them, so I added liver bits to I don't want to touch them! But Dang..they smell so good when coming out of the oven!! They worked too, because I got Sawyer to do his new "Bang! You're dead!" trick in like 2 seconds because he wanted that meatball so bad!! If you want to make them just take some hamburger meat, a little milk, cheese, and green beans and roll them up into a ball and put them in a cupcake tin for about 30 minutes..I promise your dogs will love them!! Plus they can be big or small because you can pull them apart.. So there ya go!

Today Sawyer & I are going to Sterling House in Edmond for a Therapy Visit. This is his first one so I'm hoping he tries to be a little more friendly. Sometimes he's just not interested in anything but himself!!

I'm already tired of TV right now..Since Dancing with the Stars everyone has been putting on crap TV. Last night they had Reruns of one of my Fav shows, "Modern Family" & "Cougar Town"..How can they already be reruns! The show just started not that long ago! Now I'll be forced to watch the ID channel and the 1099th episode of "Dateline".. haha! Some Saturdays I will watch that channel for 7 hours!!

Today I found out that when Men wear their shirts open where you can see their chests its called "Heavage"..Like Cleavage, but for a man its Heavage..And supposedly its making a comeback for Men to show a little chest hair..We'll see if it catch on in Oklahoma! Speakin of...Did you go see Sarah Palin today? I did not..There is no one (With the exception of the Lord) that I would wait outside in this weather to see.. Not Even My Delicious Otto..Sorry, James..

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