Wednesday, December 2, 2009

Woo hoo..Lost some weight!

Well I went to the Doctor yesterday and I have lost 18 pounds on my diet!! Woo hoo..I'm starting week 4 today, so I'm pretty happy about that.. See..ITs eating all that Sushi! lol.. I've also been walking, running, rollerblading over a mile, 7 days a week..So thats helpful too..I can't quit eating popcorn, or drinking wine, so I have to burn those calories some how!!

Yesterday I put the dog babes in their Christmas gear..As you can see, they are less than enthusiastic..I'll try to dress them up again later in the week, because I didn't get a good picture of Payslee's Santa Dress..Although Sawyer is pretty cute in his Santa hat, and Payslee's little smirk makes me laugh!!

Tomorrow I'm taking Saw to the therapy visit at Sterling house in Edmond..We'll see how it goes..Well it rained all night last night on the North Side..Hoping to steer clear of the sleet..Makes it hard to rollerblade!! If you haven't got the Gospel CD, they make great stocking click on the BUY NOW to get it..

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