Monday, December 14, 2009

One week and counting...

Can you believe that as of today we are exactly two months away from Valentines day..Ahh thanks for the friendly reminder..So not only do I not have a New Years date, but you want to remind me about Valentines day? Not cool..Not cool..

Anyway, I had a fabulous weekend. I went to the farm with the dog babes, and Lajeana our groomer came over with her Giant Schnauser, Georgia..They had so much fun Playing! Sawyer loves playing more than anything so Sawyer, Georgia, and Izzy (mom's dog) ran and ran till I thought their tongues were going to fall out! Miss Payslee was of course, "OUT" on this whole situation, and asked me to just carry her around while they were rough-housing. She doesn't like a lot of flailing dogs around her, so she was perfectly content with me just carrying her.. She's my goat. The good news is that whether they play, or don't..they CRASH when we go home because their minds have been running all day. That is a picture of Pays on the way home last night...She was a sleepy girl.
Yesterday we went to Church at the Cowboy Church in Sayre, and Andy gave an awesome sermon. And then Last night I invited Mom & Dad up to go to my Church's (Crossings Community Church on Portland) Christmas Sing-a-long..It was soo awesome! Our choir and orchestra there is just amazing. They have a full orchestra that played songs like Manheim Steamroller! So good! The choir leader did a piano solo that just made your heart sing! We loved it!!
Its supposed to get cold again tomorrow..Good thing I brought 4 giant firewood logs from home (I'll probably never get them to stay lit since my dad cut them a bit too big for my fireplace..but hey, thats not the point) to keep me warm. Tonight I'm meeting my step-mom, Joni for dinner, and before that Payslee & I have a therapy visit at Sterling House in Edmond. I'll drive by that amazing light display again, so I'll try to write down the exact address so everyone can see it..Speaking of, I did get my Christmas lights put out..I'm going to add a few more today..Hope you all had an amazing weekend!!

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