Friday, December 18, 2009

Vacation begins, & Therapy Fun

Well its been a busy busy week! Sorry for lagging behind here.. Monday I took Payslee to a therapy visit at Sterling house in Edmond..She was awesome! She just loves doing it, and I love taking her. This little lady just picked her up and cuddled her and Payslee just stared sweetly at her..I'm so proud of my Payslee biscuit!

Yesterday we had TWO therapy visits. At 2:00 I took Paylsee to Bradford Village in Edmond. I sang some gospel songs mixed with some Christmas tunes. The folks were awesome, and even though I was singing, they really just LOVED Payslee the best..She would twirl and dance for people, and do her 'high five' trick, and of course was wearing her Santa Claus dress...They were just in love with her!! She was funny while I was singing, because she just sat patiently and watched me, and then when I was finished she would go visit people. She's a good girl..

Well since Pays went during the day, I knew she would be tired so I let Sawyer go on our visit last night. We were going to the Fountains Assited living. 3 other therapy dogs went with us, and we LOVED the Fountains. They had some of the sweetest people! Sawyer did MUCH better this time. He was a lot friendlier, and sweeter.. I had him in his Santa Saw outfit, but he kept walking weird like his leg was falling off, so I had to take it off him..The people loved him because he is so soft and puffy. So I'm proud of him too..He doesn't love it as much as Pays, but hopefully he will grow to like it more and more as he does it..I may try to setup some visits for him to see Kids..I think he would love kiddos..

Wednesday my stupid TV quit again.. BLARGH. I have no idea whats wrong with it now..But I've given up on it..When Lynn & Debbie got married they had an extra TV, so I'm going to buy a 52' LCD High def TV from Lynny..I'm excited to get it..I love electronics!!
I'm having my annual "KC Sheperd Christmas Party" tomorrow..I've invited a bunch of folks over, and my parties are always interesting because there are obnoxious radio people, normal people, loud people, and odd yes, it should be entertaining.. Then after that I'll probably head west to the farm for Christmas fun.
Lynn and I are on vacation till January 5th, so try to keep Bill in line..I'll try to update the blog from the farm if anything exciting happens.. You all have a very Merry Christmas, and thank you so much for being great listeners, friends, and your overall awesomeness of reading this blog, and actually caring about my life!! Love you guys!

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