Monday, April 26, 2010

Cross Dressing Cow Birthings..

Hi Everyone! I had a GREAT weekend..MJ & I went to the farm on Friday to hang out with my parents..We were hoping for a great weather weekend so we could take off the Pool Cover for mom..but of course on Saturday the Wind was blowing 50mph! We went ahead and took it off anyway, and were glad to help..MJ also brought a new 'Surround' sound system for them and spent most of the day trying to find a "Best Buy" in Western was hilarious..I was like "Um..All we have out here is radio shack".. lol.. He kept needing certain parts and made 3 special trips to Elk City! But in the end everything got hooked up, and they LOVED it! He's seriously the BEST boyfriend!

Saturday all my "city" friends came down.. Brandon & Amy, Whitney, & Leslie & Bill for the "Miss Red Dirt" pageant in Elk City. Mom's friends were all there too, and we were all wearing 'funny t-shirts' so thats why she's sporting a Superman Its an annual pageant emceed by Pollyester Kotton (Who used to fight with Flo McQuarter on the air) and its a bunch of locals dressed up as funny ladies doing talent contests and funny stuff. It was so much fun, and hilarious. It was good to see Polly's a pic.
She was ridiculous, and hilarious..It was good to see Bill too..We both miss not being on the air everyday..We all spent so much time with each other that its weird not to be laughing at each other everyday. I applied for a job on Friday that I'm really hoping I get. Its a state job, and they actually want someone with an English Degree! Woo! So keep that in your thoughts..postive..positive about that!

This morning I wake up to this:
Yes, Its my Crazy Neighbors house and she has BUILT on added "FENCE".. Not realizing that A) It doesn't match the existing fence and B) She is the one that we are trying to keep out of OUR yards! I've decided now that she must have Schitzophrenia (however you spell that) because she's obviously thinking that people are trying to get her or something..I do hope that she gets help though, because she seems to be only getting worse!

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