Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Hi Everyone..

Well I'm still looking for a job.. I've had a billion offers to sell insurance, but they should know that I suck at sales, so I'm doing everyone a favor by saying no! I've also been approached to do some Coordinating jobs, but they don't pay much money, so I'm going to see what happens. I'm not being picky, but I'm also trying to find something I want to do every day.. I know I will probably not ever love anything like I love being on the radio, but who knows! I've never done anything else, so I may just find something magical! I will tell you this, making up new Resume's and uploading, and applying is a huge pain..So try to avoid that if you can..juss sayin.. lol.

Payslee & I have been going on a ton of therapy visits..Yesterday we went to Bradford Village and I actually got her to jump through her hoop! Yay! So that was funtimes. She was wearing the dress in the picture above..Its very cute, and made by an Oklahoma Lady. We have another visit tonight at the Bone & Joint hospital. This will be her first visit there, so I'm anxious to see how it goes. MJ is going to tag along with us and watch Miss Pays in action..

Bill's band played at the Arts Festival today..Speaking of, I'm going to try to get down to the Arts Festival before it ends..I love eating that Spinach stuff. MJ and I may try to go down there after we do our therapy visit. Sawyer's hair is finally starting to grow back, but he's still kinda odd looking.. I still love him though! I've been trying to plant some flowers around the house, and just do odd & ends stuff while I'm not working..I'm going to be honest though, not having to wake up at 3am is doing wonders for me. I did the Jackie Warner workout video the other morning and last night I seriously couldn't move! I've gotta get on it! So thats my "JOB" for now.. Love you guys!

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