Saturday, April 3, 2010

Florida fun for you and me..

Well My Florida trip has been AWESOME! Just what I needed to take my mind off everything else going on in my world.. The trip down here was horrendous..(long lines, spelled my name wrong..couldn't find my bag, etc)..but once I met MJ it was all smooth sailing!

We visited Disney's Animal Kingdom, Downtown, Epcot, and Magical Kingdom..although we didn't do a TON of stuff because it was incredibly humid, and MJ had meetings during the day for his conference. So we really only had Thurs & Fri to do stuff, but we fit a lot of stuff in.. We also met up with an old college friend of mine, Chantry Banks, who is now an actor/costume designer in Florida..We had breakfast and dinner, and had an awesome time catching up on each other's lives, and just hanging out. The pic above is MJ-Chantry--& Me! More pics to follow when I get home.
For dinner we all went to "House of Blues" and it was amazing.. Heard some live music too. We also managed to fit in the "Clash of the Titans" movie in 3D Imax. MJ had been wanting to see it for awhile, and we had the time..It was pretty good. I liked the Greek Mythology in it since I'm an English Major..Epcot was having their garden festival so it smelled terrific with all the blooms & blossoms! We didn't get to go through the garden because we got there too late, but it was pretty. Still some pretty long lines to stand in though..
So I'm now at the airport, headed home.. My flight leaves in a few minutes. MJ's left earlier so he's already on his way back..I heard we got hail in OK while I was gone, so I will be anxious to see what my car looks like! lol. The dog-babes have been at Camp Bow Wow, and I've been watching them on webcam a bit while I was gone.. Miss Pays is always like, "Where's my mom".. and Sawyer is always racing around and playing.. I have missed them so much!! Look at the pic of Miss Pays standing by Rally.. She is toward the bottom.. just taking it all

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