Saturday, April 10, 2010

Deep thoughts.. by KC Sheperd

Miss Payslee at Windsor Hills Nursing Home.. They loved her there..

The first one being.. The Pedi-Egg.. Its an egg that eats/scrapes the flesh off your feet.. I know this is a bizarre thought to start off with in my blog, but I just came in from Wal-greens and saw it there and I've been thinking about it since then.. Why did they have to make it an egg? Okay..moving on..

So yesterday MJ came over to take me to dinner, and he had a surprise for me.. do you know what it was? THIS>>>>>>>>>>>>>>
A COACH BAG! I know! Can you believe it! Me neither.. lol. He picked it out all by himself too! I LOVE it. Its been so nice to have a great boyfriend during all this unemployment crap.. I tell you, God sent him to me at just the right time! Then.. (yes it gets even better) he brought over "New Moon" the Twilight saga to watch! I know.. I know.. He's the BEST! So we had a great night last night.. We also went to Iron Star for supper, and man do I love that Mac & Cheese! The Food is always delicious there..
Today I took Payslee to a Health fair at Douglas High School to teach kids about Therapy dogs, and Assistance Dogs.. She had a great time, UNTIL.. They started blowing up balloons.. Thats screetching made her scared, and she started shaking.. She calmed down after a bit, but she does NOT like that sound.. I sometimes forget that she is still just a baby.. She's only a year old, so she still has a lot of sounds/things/places to get used to still..but I'm so proud of her, and she does such good things for people.. We have several visits lined up for next week.. She got a new Yellow dress made by her very own seamstress.. Debbie at Doggiedudsbydeb..

It is SO CUTE! Here's a pic of her in it.. She looks pretty in Yellow, and it's very springish!

Tonight MJ is coming over and we are going to watch "Zombieland".. with Woody Harrleson.. I have my doubts, but everyone has told me it was funny.. (By the way, I loved "New Moon).. As much as I try to dislike the Twilight stuff, I just can't help myself..I'm a girl.. lol.. Tomorrow we're going to go meet Mom & Steve for Supper in Weatherford.. I went to Sams and got them some stuff, so we'll exchange.. Still no job for me.. Filled out more applications this week.. Just waiting for the Opportunity to come along..I know the Lord is taking care of me, so I've got to be patience and let him work through me.. Happy Saturday folks!

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