Monday, April 5, 2010

And So it begins..

MJ & I at the "Swan Hotel" in Orlando

Well we made it back from Florida.. Flight on the way home was good. I flew Frontier, and it was a non-stop, which was awesome..I hate layovers.. So I was happy that it was one-way, non-stop.. Yay.. I also had the seat to myself, so that was even better..It takes about an hour and a half to get home, so it wasn't too bad. I'm reading a book called "The Shack" that I have been wanting to read forever..and its SO good! It is about a man who has a horrible tragedy happen to him, so The Lord asks to meet him for a weekend at "The Shack" and he gets to meet Jesus, The holy Spirit, and God.. Its pretty amazing so far. I love it.

We had a great trip in Florida, and a Great Easter! MJ went to church with me yesterday at Crossings Community church, then we came home and had a delicious Roast that I had put in the oven.. Then we took a nap, and just acted ridiculously lazy all day! We did go look at Cars (MJ likes to do that) and Miss Payslee got to go along.. She was very excited because she has never got to ride in his Giant Truck.. So she sat on the console like a good girl, and ran along beside us while we looked at Cars. She is so freakin cute! Look at her! It was very hot, so we had to stop and get her a 'to-go' water.. She had been running along, and she still has long hair, so she was happy about that.. She looks like she is a little stuffed animal! lol..
Today I am working on Resume's.. and yes, that is plural, because nowdays when you want to apply for a job, you have to tailor your resume to that specific since I am able to do a bunch of things, and have done a bunch of things in radio (promotions, editing, marketing, teaching, etc) I have to do resumes for each of those things.. I've done two so far..blargh.. Guess I'd better get busy.. In the meanwhile if you have a job you think I should apply for, email me at I need all the help I can get!

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