Sunday, April 18, 2010

ACM Awards & Farm Funtimes

First things first. MJ made his first trip to Canute this weekend..I took him home for some farm fun, but the weather didn't cooperate.. We did get to see some baby calves, and build a fire in the fireplace, but the wind/rain made it hard to do many outside activities. He did love seeing the farm though, and we'll go back out there next weekend when the weather is better. Mom did find 5 puppies abandonded on the side of the road. It just breaks out heart to see that. She has to find them homes. They look to be some sort of heelers, so if you have it in your heart to give one a home email me at and I'll send you pics, and give you moe info..Here's a couple of pics.. They are very sweet, and have already had a hard life..They just want someone to love them. They will make great outside dogs, and would be great on a farm somewhere..Well I'm sitting here watching the ACM's, and here's my thoughts.. First off, I'm sad because I'm not going to be able to talk about it on the air tomorrow, and that baffles me.. However, I will always love Country music, even if some folks tried to ruin it for me..
Reba is awesome..I love her quirky comments (even though they are probably all written for her).. She is funny, and looks beautiful.. On a side note, I watched her in the "Gambler" this weekend on the Western Channel, and laughed my butt off! lol.. Remember that! Okay..moving on.. Just saw Clay Walker in the audience.. Wow..its been awhile since I've seen him on camera.
*Blake Shelton & Trace Adkins singing "Hillbilly Bone" Finally Trace gets on an awards show!
*Lady A winning their awards, and their performance of "American Honey"
*Rascal Flatts singing "Unstoppable" I've been missing those boys!
*Toby Keith singing "Waymans Song"..
*Miranda Lambert winning Record of the Year..and then hugging Blake. So cute!
*Luke Bryan winning, he has a hulluva mouth on him!
*FREAKING LOVED JASON ALDEAN!! But I love everything he sings.
*Miranda Lambert singing "The House that Built Me" She sounds great.
*Matthew McConaughey..Seriously, he is HOT.
*Miranda winning top Female Vocalist! I thought it would go to Taylor! Yay! How amazing for her!
*Brooks & Dunn singing "My Maria" and then winning Duo Award..I wish they didn't hate each other, they are better together than apart.
*Reba..Good dresses..Didn't LOVE the one she performed in, but she looked beautiful, and she's funny, and charming. I like her as the host.
*Darrius sounded great.

Weird Moments:
*Kenny Chesney lip syncing.. Why was he doing that? Not sure..I know he's taking time off, so maybe his voice is out of shape? ODD. He NEVER does that, so something's up..
*Laura Bell Bundy..Uh, what the hell? Butt Chaps, and line dancing? Pretty sure we could find the same thing at Grahams on a Saturday night..My thought: Gitty on Up, and Gitty on off the TV. Sorry Laura Bell.
*Taylor Swift: Why did she sing that song? What happened to Fearless?
*LL Cool J:.. Uh, Why is he on there? Like him as an actor/Rapper..Not a presenter.
*Julianne Hough: Why is she glowing orange? Too much spray tan Missy..
*Cutting off Frank Liddell when Miranda Lambert wanted to let him talk about making the Record of the year..
*Not sure I loved "Barbie Doll" with Jack Ingram & Dierks Bently
*Wondering why Sugarland is no where to be found? Including the radio? Wait..just saw them sitting in the that makes me feel better.
*Carrie's weird drapery Dress. She sounded great. I'm not a fan of the "Temporary Home" song..I know its meaningful, and the words are beautiful, but I've never liked it. Loved her GIANT engagement ring though..Wowza!
*Brad Paisley falling into the water.. I liked the song, but didn't think he needed to be all "Taylor Swift" and fall into the water.. He's good without all the 'theatrics"
TWO big Surprises: Miranda winning Female Vocalist.. Which was awesome, and Carrie winning Entertainer..Not sure I agree with that one. Overall thought it was a great show.. Even thought I'm sad I'm not a part of the Country Music Industry anymore, I will always love the music..Thats why I got into it to begin with..

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  1. KC I agree with the brad comment,heard but didnt see Kenny,not a fan of Taylor so tuned her out.Over all a good show.What was with the comment about Brooks and Dunn? Why do they hate each other? Your the one in the know! I too will miss you,Bill and Lynn discussing the the awards on air. Morning radio is just not the same. Miss you guys. See ya on FACEBOOK!
    Debbie Phillips