Sunday, May 16, 2010

HOLY Oklahoma HAIL!

Wow! I just sat through quite a hail storm! It hailed golf-ball sized hail for about 15 the point that it flooded my backyard like snow..Thankfully I got my plants underneath the awning before it slapped them around, but the ones in the front will have some recovering to do. My neighbor said his roof is damaged. I rent, and nothing is leaking, so I feel like I'm good for now! Lots of fallen leaves, and beat up tree's, but I think everything else is okay.

Right now Payslee & Sawyer are in the backyard eating hail they are weird little creatures. Rally hates the storms, so I gave him a doggie sedative called "Happy traveler" that is supposed to help with anxiety.. So far so good. He's been driving me batty during the storms, so I'm hoping this will help that.

Last night MJ & I went to "In the Raw" and had some delish Sushi.. Since MJ got sick on it about 3 months ago, he still hasn't been able to eat I ate his share, and he had a noodle bowl. We were going to go see "Robin Hood" with Russel Crowe, but didn't get around to it, and instead rented "Daybreakers". It was pretty good too..about Vampires.

I had a really great feeling about getting a job last Monday..I really do feel like something is just around the corner for me. This morning when I went to church at Crossings the preachers sermon was about 'Getting out of your comfort Zone.' This really hit home for me, because Radio has been my comfort zone for the last 13 years.. I love it, and I always will..but I'm also excited about trying something new, and different..With 'normal' people who appreciate someone who is willing to work hard, get the job done, and make things happen.. So this week I'm going to work on cleaning my

room & my closet so I'll be ready when the new job comes calling!
Yesterday was my half/brother Grants Graduation. He graduated from OU law school, and they had bag-pipe players! How freakin cool is that! I didn't even know we had a bagpipe organization in Oklahoma..but I'm thinking they are a bit like Accordion players..while I find them very cool, maybe they are not saught after like say, guitarists..Whatever, I though they were awesome. Then we all went to Iron starr and had some Delish BBQ.. Here he is all excited about his graduation! Yay Grant! Hope everyone survived the storms!

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