Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Oklahoma Storm Damage & Ratings

Well we had a great Mothers day. I went home Sunday to be with my mom and took the dog babes..Couldn't do much outside..AGAIN..because of the Crappy Weather, but its always fun to be with my mom..

Friday night all my girls and I went out with Shelly. She has a friend that works at Coyote Ugly. I had never been and we had a blast. Lauren, Shelly, Paul, Whitney, Me, and Ashley took a picture in Bricktown before we left to go..We ate Sushi at "In the Raw" and it was awesome. I am on an Edamame kick right now and love eating it..

Payslee had a therapy visit last Thursday at Copperidge Retirment. She wore her Burberry Dress, and was just a cutie pie head. We like going there to visit those folks. They are all so friendly and happy to see us.

After I got back from the farm on Monday the storms set in.. Non stop Storm coverage, tornados, etc.. What a mess..So sad for the folks that had storm damage. But so awesome how our state comes together to help one another out. After the storms passed I decided to let the dog babes go outside and play since the sun was shining..I left them out there playing for about 20 minutes and when I went out to get Payslee this is what I was faced with:

YES. Payslee had put her FACE in a puddle! Someone should really tell her that she is NOT a lab..but a foofy, poofy shih-tzu girl! So today they both got baths..I doubt it will last, but at least they smell like cake for now!

Still looking for a job..but yesterday I got a feeling like one was just around the corner. I'm very excited about that fact. Its been nice to rest, and get caught up on my sleep..but I'm a good worker, and I like working, so I need to get back out there..

On a side note I saw the lastest Radio ratings. You all probably read them in the paper.. Looks like the Twister & KXY did exceptionally well, and the new station, which I enjoy very much, "The BREW" 94.7. Thanks everyone for your thoughts and prayers as I look for a job..I love you all!


  1. Well good luck on your hunting KC... i am sure glad KKNG is falling on their faces.

  2. Miss Payslee's puddle face photo made me laugh! She just looks like she is saying "What's wrong mom"? Too funny! I would have LOVED to have seen YOUR face when you first saw her. That thought really makes me laugh!

  3. Kc I use to listen to kkng just for the morning show.You all made a great team.I emailed kkng to let them know I would no longer tune in to jake or kkng. I wish you the best in your job search. Somethings happen for a reason and someone will be very lucky to have you to work for them.I wish I had an opening.Best of luck.

  4. Thank you all so much. I had a great feeling last Monday that something awesome was headed my way. Today the preacher's sermon was about "taking leaps out of our comfort zone" and thats what I'm going to do! Thanks everyone!