Tuesday, June 8, 2010

How bout a Couple of "Yes's" to go with the "No's"..

Man, I've been getting told "NO" a lot lately.. Mom says that every "NO" I get..gets me closer to a "YES"..lets hope so! I've been applying for any and every job that I think I might be qualified to do, and I'm doing everything that all my Resume books, and job coach books tell me to do..But its not resulting in any YES votes to me, so there ya go.. So if you know me, and you are reading this, and you are sitting here thinking, "You know, I know a so-and-so job that KC would just be great for"..or "You know I know so-and-so and I bet they could help KC get a job."..Please feel free to reach out and lend a hand..Supposedly "Networking" is the best way to get a job, and at some point in my life I thought I was pretty "Networked"..especially to all my fabulous listeners..But so far I'm coming up empty in the job world, so I thought this could be a way to reach out and say "HELP!" to anyone who is listening..I've got a new friend who is trying to help me find something at Chesapeake, which is one of my top places to work, so I'm hopeful that together we can get something accomplished.. email me if you want to: kcsheperd@aol.com

Okay..Now onward & Upward.. I've been working out at this new place called "KOKO FIT CLUB"..You do 30 minutes on these bionic weightlifting trainer machines, and then 15 minutes of HARD CORE cardio. I can't say what its doing so far, b/c I've only been doing it for 2 weeks.. but I'll keep you posted.

This weekend I'm having a "WII" party at my house to play Dance Dance Revolution..Bill was going to come by but he and his band have a gig..But all my regular friends will be here.. Should be good times. Tomorrow I go back to the denist, and YES..we are almost finished taking all the silver out of my mouth! I think I have 3 left..I had to have a root canal two weeks ago, but you know what, Dr. Cox is so awesome that it wasn't even painful! Booya!!

I'm VERY excited about the new Iphone..even though I can't have one for awhile..It does look amazing..MJ says when I get a job he will reward my efforts with one of those magical IPADS..How great is that guy! We watched "Splice" last weekend and it was so awful I'm not going to even go into why..but its bad..stay away..Hoping the Celtics beat the Lakers because I just don't like Kobe..Sorry Laker fans..

Found out last week that Tyler Media laid off another friend of mine, Nita Stacy..She is extremely gifted and talented in promotions, graphic design, art, and web design, so if you know of someone who needs an amazing graphic artist on their staff email me and I'll pass along her information to you..She's truly one of a kind, and even though, and we are both very excited to have some new opportunities!!

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